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Hudson Robotics fully supports the study of the Human Microbiome. From Gene Assembly and DNA Extraction to Protein Expression. More on the Microbiome

New Product Highlight: Learn about our new automated instrument for measuring pH – The Rapid_pH

At Hudson Robotics, we are all about applying lab instruments, software and over 300 (and growing) third party integrations to solve your problems! We design and build innovative systems, dynamic software, and instruments to automate and streamline your discovery workflows.  Hudson specializes in integrating users’ instruments into custom laboratory automation solutions as well as offer pre-configured laboratory workcells to carry out well-established protocols.

 We Produce:

  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Laboratory Robotics Workcells and Systems
  • Lab Automation Software
  • Customized Laboratory Technology Solutions

Our Equipment is Best Known for Being: 

  • Accurate  –  Liquid handlers with low CVs, confident plate handling
  • Flexible  –  Our tools can be implemented in many different ways
  • Robust  –  Our products are built to last
  • Compact  –  We strive to give you back your hood and bench space
  • Efficient  –  Our software assures all equipment is in use when available
  • Easy to Use  –  Plug it in and it’s ready to use.

Our Customers Include:

  • Pharmaceutical Researchers
  • Biotech Researchers
  • Academic Researchers
  • We support all manner of Life Sciences Research

All of our laboratory robots are tied together by our powerful, but easy-to-use, SoftLinx™ control software, which can control hundreds of 3rd party laboratory instruments.  SoftLinx contains a simple flow-chart based protocol editor and comes with our Guided Operation technology that makes it easy for the inexperienced technician to run the most complex protocol without further instruction.

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See how our SELF-TEACHING SciClops™
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