The ProLink Express represents a breakthrough in integrating laboratory instruments that has changed the way researchers use lab automation. It is the first fully automated proteomics workcell. that integrates all microplate delivery and transfer operations with complete data tracking. It automates the entire protein expression process, from initial bacterial colony picking through final protein expression and measurement. The ProLink Express system is capable of delivering a plate to any of its instruments from any other instrument, in any order and simultaneously with other processes. Use a wide range of commercially available plasmid miniprep kits.

The ProLink Express is designed so that colony picking, growth, DNA prep and expression can be run individually or sequentially. All instrumentation faces outward so any component can be used manually. It is powered by our opportunistic SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software, which finds the most efficient ways to perform processes simultaneously. A user can run multiple batches in different stages of the process at the same time, or run any instrument individually while operating another, fully automated run.

The ProLink Express integrates an automated colony picker with an incubator and a plasmid DNA miniprep system. A researcher can start with bacterial colony plates, isolate individual colonies into culture plate wells, grow the individual colonies and then extract the DNA plasmids in one seamless automated process without any human intervention. The system also provides the capability to re-attach DNA inserts onto expression vectors and perform in vitro or in vivo protein expression and detection.

The features and benefits of the ProLink Express make it simply remarkable – and offer multiple application opportunities within molecular biology. The ProLink Express gives the researcher an unprecedented level of flexibility and modularity not available from any other integrated laboratory system on the market today.

Automated Proteomics Workcell Prolink Express
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Protein Expression: The ProLink Express is the world’s first FULLY automated proteomics workcell. This unique system is the first robot system to integrate all plate-delivery and transfer operations, together with fully-automated data tracking, from initial bacterial colony picking all the way through final protein expression and measurement. ProLink Express links together all the components needed for DNA expression of gene libraries. It will enable automated gene expression for functional genomics, gene improvement or any other type of genomic research involving bacterial cultures, DNA prep and protein expression.

Gene Assembly: ProLink Express’ inherent plate delivery, liquid handling, thermocycler and absorbance reader instruments provide PCR gene-assembly capacity with a throughput greater than that of any other system today, thanks to SoftLinx software’s ability to process multiple plates through different stages of the process simultaneously.

Monoclonal Antibody Development and Production: The ProLink Express is ideal for monoclonal antibody development. ProLink ‘s remarkable capacity to perform multiple processes simultaneously will rapidly, and accurately, identify and isolate hybridomas producing desired monoclonal antibodies. The ProLink Express will process these cells through the elaborate series of repetitive steps required to statistically isolate the desired hybridomas automatically, keeping track in its database of every sample in every well throughout the process.

The ProLink Express relieves technicians of the burden of what is usually a mind-numbing, error-prone process of repeated dilutions and analyses of the multiplexed hybridoma population to eventually get them down to a single type in a microplate well through dilution cloning.

ELISAs: With its in-line room-temperature and controlled-temperature incubators, reagent dispensers, pipettors, plate-handlers and plate readers (including seal-piercing and/or lid-handling capability), the ProLink Express is ready-made to perform ELISAs of nearly any description or complexity. Multiple incubation steps and complicated reagent and conjugate requirements are no problem for the multi-tasking flexibility or the ProLink Express.


The ProLink Express links all the components needed for DNA expression of gene libraries. It enables automated gene expression for functional genomics, gene improvements and any other type of genomic research involving bacterial cultures, DNA prep and protein expression. The ProLink Express has many valuable features not found in other systems:

  • Optimizes laboratory processes and equipment usage
  • Designed to fit into available lab space
  • Allows independent as well as manual access to and operation of all major system instruments
  • Capable of delivering a plate to any of its instruments from any other instrument, in any order and simultaneously with other processes
  • Includes Hudson Robotics’s SoftLinx software, which provides an easy-to-use interface to coordinate the ProLink Express™ operation with other automated instruments; the software will enable the user to take full advantage of this system feature, which is unique in the lab automation industry.


ProLink Express - Fully Automated Proteomics Workcell

Hudson’s ProLink Express is a modular, flexible automation system that permits its users to include or bypass any instrument or instrument group within any method the user may wish to run. Taking advantage of SoftLinx’ extensive library of third-party instrument drivers, virtually any robot-compatible lab instrument on the market can become part of a ProLink system. ProLink is fully scalable, so that users can start with small workcells then expand them to include more instruments in a growing automation system, yet without sacrificing the usefulness and simplicity of each original smaller workcell.

Typical functional subsystems include:

  • Colony-picking, sealing and cell outgrowth
  • Cell pelletting, media aspiration and re-suspension
  • DNA prep, purification and yield measurement
  • PCR reaction preparation and running
  • Transformations/transfections and cell recovery
  • In vivo/in vitro protein expression
  • Protein purification and measurement