As an increasing number of research methods currently require a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) step, the thermocycler has become an essential tool in the modern life science laboratory.  Efficiently integrating PCR into laboratory processes can be challenging, and in many cases manual thermocycling has created a bottleneck that has increased demands on laboratory personnel to keep up with the time-consuming and repetitive cycle of prepping, loading, unloading, purifying and extracting of samples through the PCR preparation process.

If your lab workflow utilizes a PCR machine, thermocycler, PCR thermal cycler, qPCR machine, real-time thermal cycler or quantitative PCR instrument, Hudson Robotics can provide a workstation that is custom designed to automate your process, remove the PCR bottleneck and free-up valuable researcher time.  Whether you are extracting DNA or RNA, sequencing DNA, cloning, quantifying DNA and RNA, performing real-time PCR, studying patterns of gene expression, detecting sequence-tagged sites or performing any other process that requires PCR, Hudson can work with you to design a workstation that will automate your workflow and eliminate the PCR bottleneck.

Hudson Robotics can help you automate both upstream and down-stream processes for PCR thermocycling or can automate the loading and unloading of real-time PCR instruments. Hudson DNA Extraction systems can be equipped with either an automated magnetic bead nest or a filter-based positive-pressure solid-phase extraction station (FilterPress) to purify and extract your DNA or RNA.

Thermocycler and qPCR Instrument Examples

Hudson’s powerful SoftLinx lab automation software package facilitates integration with multiple PCR and qPCR instruments including the ThermoFisher Automated Thermal Cycler (ATC),. Any of these thermal cyclers can be mounted on the deck of the Hudson SOLO Automated Pipettor for a space saving and flexible PCR workstation that automates the loading and unloading of consumables and samples, facilitating hands-free automation of the thermocycling process.

Where microplate formatted samples need to be processed through a real-time PCR or qPCR instrument, the Hudson PlateCrane EX, PlateCrane SciClops or Protean Workcell can be used to automate the loading and unloading of plates for instruments including the Bio-Rad CFX96, Analytik Jena Biometra and Roche LightCycler 480, Biometra TRobot and many others.

Thermo Fisher ATC Lab Automation

Bio-Rad Q PCR Lab Automation

Roche LightCycler Lab Automation

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