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The NGS Workstation based on the SOLO automated pipettor integrated with all the devices necessary for your protocol.

Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Automation

Explore Hudson Robotics’ Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Workstation, powered by the SOLO automated pipettor and integrated with all essential devices for seamless NGS protocol execution. Our automation solutions elevate NGS processing with hands-free DNA purification, automated DNA normalization, magnetic beads cleanup, library construction, indexing, PCR preparation, and more.

These workstations perform one or more tasks along the way from sample to NGS library prep:

  • Hands-Free DNA Purification: Utilize vacuum, magnetic beads, or the new Filter Press positive-pressure purification manifold for efficient DNA purification.
  • Full-plate DNA Normalization: Connect your microplate reader or import reader data to prepare a fresh plate at a constant concentration.
  • Automated Magnetic Beads (Ampure): Walkaway magnetic beads purification of DNA for target enrichment and PCR cleanup, eliminating tedious manual steps.
  • Automated Next-Gen Library Prep and Indexing: The Solo workstation handles high-quality liquid handling for next-gen library preparation and indexing, optimizing throughput.
  • PCR Prep, PCR: Perform vector preparation, gene assembly, transformation, and plating with the Solo Molecular Biology Workstation. After automated colony picking with the RapidPick robot picker, incubate and return the culture block for plasmid preps. The Solo excels in PCR volumes, offering ease, agility, and reliability.

Effortlessly configure liquid handling steps using the intuitive SoloSoft control software and get started promptly. With a wide dynamic volume range and compatibility with sterile environments, our NGS Workstation offers exceptional versatility. Costing about half the price of other laboratory robotics platforms, it features options of 6, 8, 10, or 12 microplate nests and easily fits into biosafety cabinets and fume hoods. While capable of manual loading and operation, it seamlessly integrates with robotic arms from various manufacturers, including our PlateCrane EX. Its compact footprint and open design facilitate integration with accessories such as thermocyclers, incubators, and microplate readers. Our SoftLinx lab automation software supports over 200 third-party lab instruments.

With over 30 years of experience in automating laboratory applications, including NGS since 1983, Hudson Robotics provides cutting-edge solutions. Our Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Workstation seamlessly integrates with various instruments, including plate readers and washers, offering robust functionality. It can import data from plate readers and automatically normalize DNA concentration.

If your NGS program is operational, let’s discuss how automation can enhance precision (CV<1%) and throughput (24-hour operation)