Streamlining Laboratory Processes with Automated Magnetic Separation

The Hudson Magnetic Bead Station revolutionizes the automation of magnetic bead separation techniques. By precisely manipulating a potent permanent magnet’s position, either raising or lowering it against a microplate’s bottom (compatible with both standard and deepwell formats), this device introduces a new level of efficiency and accuracy to magnetic bead-based methodologies.

When elevated, the magnet secures the magnetic beads along the well’s perimeter, creating a bead-free central zone. This design is optimal for the SOLO Liquid Handler to perform its tasks—accurately aspirating and dispensing buffers and wash reagents necessary for processes like purification and cleavage, without interference from the beads. Conversely, lowering the magnet disperses the beads throughout the well, facilitating thorough mixing by the SOLO through re-pipetting actions.

This dynamic raise-and-lower mechanism enables the full automation of the separation process. Hudson Robotics not only supports the automation of existing magnetic bead protocols available commercially but also custom protocols developed for specific research needs.

Ideal for constructing high-throughput, fully automated stations for DNA, RNA, and protein extractions, the Magnetic Bead Station serves as a cornerstone for modernizing laboratory workflows, ensuring both precision and efficiency.

Magnetic Plate Disengaged Cut-Away PCR plate showing Magnet Engagement

Magnetic Bead DNA Isolation

Magnetic beads offer a streamlined and dependable approach for the purification of genomic, plasmid, and mitochondrial DNA. Hudson Robotics excels in crafting DNA extraction systems that incorporate magnetic bead stations, thermocyclers, microplate grippers, and pipettors, simplifying the nucleic acid and protein isolation process from diverse sample types.

Our automated workstations refine the extraction process, ensuring DNA binds selectively to magnetic beads while separating out contaminants. This purified DNA is ready for immediate use in critical molecular biology workflows, such as sequencing and restriction digestion, eliminating the need for labor-intensive centrifugation or vacuum filtration that often slows down laboratory operations.

Available in configurations for 24, 96, or 384 well plates, these systems can be tailored for semi-automated or fully automated processes, adapting to a range of laboratory needs. For protocols necessitating filtration or solid-phase extraction (SPE), Hudson Robotics introduces the FilterPress, a positive pressure DNA extraction station, expanding the toolkit available for high-efficiency DNA isolation. This integrated approach not only accelerates the purification process but also enhances the precision and reliability of DNA extraction, setting new standards for laboratory efficiency.


Applications include:

  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Cell isolation
  • Cell activation & expansion
  • Nucleic acid isolation
  • mRNA isolation with Oligo(dT)
  • Exosome analysis
  • Streptavidin Dynabeads: Isolate any biological entity
  • IVD assay development
Automated Magnetic Separation & Bead Station
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