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The Hudson Magnetic Bead Station automates magnetic bead separation methods by raising or lowering a strong permanent magnet against the bottom of a standard or deepwell microplate.

Raising the magnet immobilizes the magnetic beads around the circumference of the wells, leaving a clear zone in the center of the wells to allow the SOLO Liquid Handler to aspirate/dispense buffers and wash reagents for purification and cleavage. When the magnet is in its lowered position, the station allows the magnetic particles to be well-mixed by re-pipetting with the SOLO.

By raising and lowering the magnet at appropriate points in a method, the entire process can be easily automated. Hudson Robotics can automate commercially available protocols using magnetic bead kits as well as proprietary protocols using magnetic beads.

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Magnetic Plate Disengaged Cut-Away PCR plate showing Magnet Engagement

Magnetic Bead DNA Isolation

Magnetic beads are a simple and reliable method for purification of genomic, plasmid and mitochondrial DNA methodologies. Hudson Robotics designs DNA extraction systems with integrated magnetic bead stations, thermocyclers, microplate grippers, and pipettors to simplify the process of isolating nucleic acids and/or proteins from a wide variety of sources.

Hudson’s automated workstations can be used to optimize conditions so DNA selectively binds to the surface of magnetic beads while other contaminants stay in solution. The resultant purified DNA can then be used directly in molecular biology applications such as sequencing or restriction digestion. The major advantage of this method is that there is no need for time consuming centrifugation or vacuum manifold filtration which can cause bottlenecks in many automated laboratory processes.

Separation can be done as either a semi-automated or fully automated process in 24, 96 or 384 well plates. For methods that require filtration or solid phase extraction (SPE), Hudson Robotics also offers a positive pressure DNA extraction station called the FilterPress.


Applications include:

  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Cell isolation
  • Cell activation & expansion
  • Nucleic acid isolation
  • mRNA isolation with Oligo(dT)
  • Exosome analysis
  • Streptavidin Dynabeads: Isolate any biological entity
  • IVD assay development
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