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Hudson’s PlateCrane and LabLinx are industry standard instruments for moving SBS-standard microplate around multi-component workcells.  However, another best-kept secret about Hudson is our array of accessories that allow users to manipulate all kinds of non-standard “plates”.

Some examples include:

  • Microscope Slides (with and without slide carriers)
  • Petri Dishes
  • Ion Torrent Chips
  • Illumina PCR Plates
  • Fludigm
  • Forte Bio Sensor Holders
  • Centrifuge tubes


In the following example, we carry multiple slides in an SBS compliant container and use a standard PlateCrane Gripper. The video shows the PlateCrane feeding Inova Diagnostics’ Nova Viewer IFA microscope system.

The next video shows our SOLO pipettor inoculating agar in petri dishes that are held in our customized nests

The following is one of many examples of customized PlateCrane grippers. This one is designed to move Life Technologies’ IonTorrent chips for Next Gen sequencing.

This video shows the SOLO adding samples to an Illumina PCR plate contained in an SBS-compatible holding tray.

This video shows the SOLO adding samples to a Fluidgm IFC plate.