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Oligo Pooling

Hudson’s innovative laboratory automation technology offers an efficient solution for the pooling of oligonucleotides, a critical step in the synthetic biology pipeline. Our SoftLinx lab automation software plays a pivotal role in this process. Following sequence instructions inputted at the outset, the software adeptly directs either the system’s advanced pipettor or the colony picker to accurately combine specific oligos. This precise pooling is essential for the successful final assembly of the full gene sequence required for various applications.

Applications of Oligo Pooling

Oligo pooling facilitates numerous scientific endeavors. It is particularly vital in the creation of DNA libraries, which are central to several key research areas:

  • Antibody Screening: Pools of DNA molecules with related but distinct sequences are crucial for identifying cDNAs that encode polypeptides with desired functions.
  • Protein Binding Sites Identification: Through systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment (SELEX), researchers can select DNA segments that act as protein binding sites.
  • Catalytic DNA: Pooling is also used to create libraries of DNA enzymes or deoxyribozymes, which are DNA molecules capable of catalyzing chemical reactions.
Synthetic Biology Pipeline
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Gene Assembly Sub-Pipeline
Oligo Pooling: Automating Precision in Gene Assembly