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Oligo Pooling

Hudson offers an lab automated for pooling of oligos. Following the downloaded sequence instructions provided at the beginning of the process, SoftLinx lab automation software directs the system’s pipettor  or colony picker to pool the appropriate oligos to enable the final assembly process to achieve the full gene sequence desired. Pools of DNA molecules of related but non-identical sequences are often used for selecting cDNAs that encode polypeptides with desired functions (such as in antibody screening), or DNA segments as protein binding sites (through SELEX), or DNA molecules that can catalyze reactions (DNA enzymes or deoxyribozymes), etc. The most direct way of creating DNA libraries is to introduce mixed bases during the synthesis of the oligos that will be used in creating the libraries.

Synthetic Biology Pipeline
synbio_detailsWe have automated solutions for each of the
steps of the Gene Assembly Sub-Pipeline.
Gene Assembly Sub-Pipeline