Benchtop pH meters for the Lab

Get on the path to automate pH measurement process.

The Rapid_pH family of laboratory pH meters use robotics to automatically measure pH in microplates, tubes and vials, reducing the time and tedium associated with manual pH measurement in the lab. These automated pH meter will increase your pH measurement throughput to free up your time to work on other important tasks. Unlike manual pH meters, these laboratory pH meters automatically reads sample pH, rinses (DI water) and air dries the pH probe, then repeats the cycle for remaining samples. Our benchtop pH meters includes a laptop computer preloaded with the Rapid_pH software, facilitating easy setup in under 30 minutes.

The Rapid_pH software performs pH probe calibration and allows the user to view the pH probe calibration results. The intuitive and adaptable pH meter software has the flexibility to allow you to manually select and set up wells containing samples for pH measurement, as well as the ability to import sample data from an Excel spreadsheet, LIMS or database. The pH measurement results can automatically be exported to a spreadsheet, database or LIMS.

Automate pH testing

Rapid_pH Automated pH Meter

The Rapid_pH Robotic pH Meter is designed to measure the pH of aqueous samples and enables pH measurement of large sets of samples as never before possible. Automated pH measurement frees up time for other important tasks and increases throughput of pH measurement. Automation assures consistency of results and includes probe calibration. The pH measurement range is from 0.0 to 14.0 +-0.05. These laboratory pH meters are simple to use and can be set up in less than 30 minutes.
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pH Meter with Temperature Compensation

The Rapid_pH pH Meter with Temperature Compensation includes all the functionality of the standard Rapid_pH Benchtop Meter, then adds a heating nest that provides the capability of performing pH analysis at a specific temperature up to 50C. The Rapid_pH software automatically adjusts the pH measurement based on the programmed temperature of the heating nest. No other laboratory pH meter has the capability to heat samples.
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CytoLoader for Flow Cytometry Platforms

Less cost. More throughput.

cytoloader for flow cytometry

pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples

The Rapid_pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples includes all the functionality of the standard Rapid_pH Robotic pH Meter but is optimized for use with higher viscosity samples. To handle viscous samples, a Mettler Toledo probe designed for viscous pH samples is employed, and the pH probe wash station has been optimized to use a power wash spray of DI water to remove contamination between measurements. An optional static wash well allowing the use of light detergent or sterilization fluid can be added. These laboratory pH meters are mainly used in the food and cosmetics industry.
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pH Meter with CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance Software

The Rapid_pH with CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance includes a Rapid_pH pH Meter bundled with a Rapid_pH software compliance package. The CRF21 Part 11 Compliance Software package manages security functions required for pH measurement including calibration, data collection, management review and data archiving. Built-in method creation ensures that analyses are performed with identical settings and parameters. The CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance Software package tracks audit trails, electronic signatures and user roles, and provides appropriate user access to specific areas of functionality, as well as allowing active directory integration. These benchtop pH meters are mainly used by QC and manufacturing departments.
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