Microbiome Research in Anaerobic Chambers

Hudson Robotics’ instruments are small with an open design for easy installation in anaerobic chambers. We can create unique workcells for a wide range of applications for anaerobic microbiology research such as microbiome additions and subtractions, host interaction modulation and microbiome modulation studies. Research on gastrointestinal disorders, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, immunology, oncology and CNS are all possible using Hudson technologies.

Anaerobic Chambers:


RapidPick SP Colony Picker in Anaerobic Chamber

Hudson Robotics can help researchers that are studying the microbiota (gut microbiome) with our small form factor, automated tools for bacterial colony-picking, sample preparation, DNA extraction, plasmid preparation and DNA normalization. Hudson Robotics’ RapidPick Automated Colony-Picking Systems and SOLO Robotics Pipettors are able to work inside anaerobic chambers, to relieve researchers of the unpleasant hours spent manually handling samples in an anaerobic environment. Hudson Robotics is a distributor for Plas-Labs anaerobic chambers. We also have experience working in Coy Lab Products and DW Scientific anaerobic chambers.

The RapidPick MP Lite Colony Picking Workcell in a Plas-Labs anaerobic chamber:

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Hudson Robotics Videos:

The following video shows the fully automated DNA Extraction System in action:

The next video shows a dry run of the MinPrep Plasmid preparation protocol on our DNA Extraction System:

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