Microbiome Research in Anaerobic Chambers

Unlock the potential of microbiome research with Hudson Robotics’ compact instruments designed for seamless integration into anaerobic chambers. Our versatile tools facilitate a wide range of applications in anaerobic microbiology, including microbiome modulation studies, host interaction modulation, and microbiome additions and subtractions.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Research Areas:

Colony Picker in Anaerobic Chamber

RapidPick SP Colony Picker in Anaerobic Chamber

From gastrointestinal disorders and infectious diseases to metabolic disorders, immunology, oncology, and central nervous system (CNS) research, Hudson Robotics’ technologies empower researchers across various fields. Our instruments enable automated bacterial colony picking, sample preparation, DNA extraction, plasmid preparation, and DNA normalization, streamlining workflows and accelerating scientific discoveries.

Efficiency Inside Anaerobic Chambers:

Our RapidPick Automated Colony-Picking Systems and SOLO Robotics Pipettors are engineered to operate seamlessly inside anaerobic chambers. By automating sample handling tasks, our solutions alleviate researchers from the tedious and time-consuming manual processes associated with working in an anaerobic environment.

Partnerships with Leading Manufacturers:

As a distributor for Plas-Labs, Coy Lab Products, and DW Scientific anaerobic chambers, Hudson Robotics ensures compatibility and seamless integration with our automation solutions. Our experience in working with these chambers further enhances the efficiency and reliability of microbiome research workflows.

Explore Related Products:

Discover additional automation solutions tailored to complement microbiome research, including the SOLO Liquid Handler, Synthetic Biology Workstation, DNA Extraction Systems (DNA, RNA, and Proteins), RapidPick MP (20 Pin Colony Picker), RapidPick SP (Single Pin Colony Picker), and RapidPick Harvester.

Unlock New Insights with Hudson Robotics:

Experience the power of automated microbiome research with Hudson Robotics. Our innovative solutions empower researchers to delve deeper into microbial communities, accelerate scientific discoveries, and unlock new insights into human health and disease.

The RapidPick MP Lite Colony Picking Workcell in a Plas-Labs anaerobic chamber:

Colony Picker in Anaerobic Chamber

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Hudson Robotics Videos:

The following video shows the fully automated DNA Extraction System in action:

The next video shows a dry run of the MinPrep Plasmid preparation protocol on our DNA Extraction System:

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