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Serial Dilutions PlateEnhancing Laboratory Efficiency with Automated Serial Dilution

Serial dilution, a fundamental technique in laboratory workflows, systematically reduces the concentration of samples for various applications. This method involves adding a concentrated sample into a well, followed by sequential mixing with a fixed volume of diluent across multiple wells. Each step dilutes the sample further, creating a series of samples with decreasing concentrations.

Key Points:

  • Method Overview: Serial dilution involves adding a concentrated sample into a well and mixing it with a fixed volume of diluent across multiple wells, resulting in samples with decreasing concentrations.
  • Scalability: The extent of dilution varies based on the proportion of the sample mixed with the diluent at each step. Typical scenarios include twofold (2X) dilution series with equal volumes of sample and diluent.

Automating Serial Dilutions:

  • Efficient Workflow: Automated multi-channel SOLO pipettors streamline serial dilutions by handling 8 to 12 samples simultaneously, depending on the number of channels used.
  • Accelerated Process: Pairing the SOLO pipettor with a Micro10x reagent dispenser expedites dilution by quickly adding diluents to samples.
  • Consistent Accuracy: Automation ensures precise and reproducible dilutions, minimizing errors and enhancing reliability for high-throughput screening and analysis.

Experience the power of automation in serial dilution workflows, optimizing efficiency and accuracy for your laboratory operations.


In the upcoming video video, we spotlight how the SOLO system precisely manages each sample, while the Micro10x seamlessly administers the diluant

In this video, the SOLO carries out the entire serial dilution

In the following video, a single-channel SOLO pipettor carries out a serial dilution in 1.5mL Matrix tubes.

For those labs that perform serial dilutions with the WellPro, we offer an integration package that automatically feeds and stores samples with our PlateCrane