ELISA Assays

The SOLO automated pipettor forms the core element in a very simple, low-cost yet powerful ELISA preparation workstation, pictured above. Joining the SOLO in this compact workstation is Hudson’s Micro10x reagent dispenser and Hudson’s new RapidWash plate washer.

The workstation shown below supports ELISA assays as well as serial dilutions to study concentration-dependent effects. The version depicted in the picture is equipped with a 12-channel, 200uL pipette head that can move liquid between the 5 available nest positions on the deck of the SOLO as well as to pipette into the nests on the Micro10x and the RapidWash.

In this layout, the deck of the SOLO contains a rack of disposable tips, a deep-well reagent reservoir and a rack of Matrix tubes containing samples. The SOLO moves aliquots of samples into the first row of the 96 well plate on the Micro10x nest, and the dispenser then fills the remaining 11 rows with diluent as the first steps of a serial dilution of the 12 samples. The pipette head then carries out a serial dilution by systematically aspirating, mixing and dispensing down the rows.

The SOLO next adds reagents and aliquots of the serial dilution to the ELISA assay plate on the deck of the RapidWash, which then carries out a series of wash steps. Between plate washing steps , the SOLO can pipette other reagents/antibodies into the plate, for multiple addition, incubation and wash cycles that may be required in the ELISA being performed.

When the plate is finally ready for the plate reader, the workstation will email the user to move the plate into the plate reader, then place another assay plate onto the RapidWash nest, to begin the process for 12 more samples. When 96 samples have been prepared, the user can simply replace the Matrix tube rack with another rack of sample tubes, replace the disposable tip rack with a new one, then begin the process again.

This workstation is not only a fully-capable ELISA prep system, it is also compact, fitting easily into a standard bio-safety hood as shown here:

ELISA Automated Benchtop System
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