In the rapidly evolving field of life science research, the need for precision and efficiency has never been greater. Hudson’s lab automation systems are expertly designed for High Throughput Screening (HTS) applications, enabling the precise movement of SBS-standard microtiter™ plates within a workcell. These systems adeptly handle the placement and retrieval of microplates from stacks and nests within a variety of other devices, including liquid handlers, microplate readers, and incubators, crucial for life science research.

Our microplate handler robots seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party lab instruments. This compatibility allows for the creation of automated work cells that can handle various applications and protocols, regardless of their complexity, enhancing efficiency and precision in laboratory settings.

protean workcell

Protean Workcell

The Protean™ Workcell is completely flexible and can be configured to house up to 9 levels of instrument space. This allows the system the flexibility to change with your changing needs. It is designed to save space in the lab.

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PlateCrane EX Microplate Handler

Rugged and reliable, the Plate Crane makes it easy to automate plate feeding to any of hundreds of supported instruments. Many configurations are available to support your application, and it even fits in a standard hood!

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Lab Robotic Arm

PlateCrane SciClops Microplate Handler

The PlateCrane SciClops™  has all the capabilities of the well-known PlateCrane EX, PLUS it has built-in vision teaching and a 40% larger work envelope. It offers its revolutionary self-teaching capability that gives labs the independence to set up or modify a fully-automated lab workcell: Just put it near your instrument, and it does the rest!ood!

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microplate stacker

LabLinx Microplate Stacker

LabLinx™ is a microplate delivery system (microplate stacker) that contains a control system, microplate stacks, tracks and StopLinks™. A StopLink™ automatically detects the presence of a microplate, positions it precisely, and sends a signal to the software control system to indicate its arrival to initiate the appropriate response, such as pipetting or liquid dispensing. Precision is suitable for 96, 384, and 1,536 well microplates.

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PA1000 Microplate Barcode Labeler

A high performance, high capacity solution for microplate barcode labeling. The workcell consists of a 600 dpi Printer – Applicator and a Hudson PlateCrane microplate handling robot. The PA1000 Barcode Print & Apply™ Workcell is an integrated platform designed to be installed in any laboratory.

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