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Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)

Hudson Robotics equipment

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Solutions

tn_synthetic-biology-workstationHudson Robotics automates the Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) pipeline, for high-quality processing of ready-for-next-gen sample: DNA Normalization, Magnetic Beads (Ampure) cleanup, library construction and indexing, PCR Prep and PCR. These workstations perform one or more tasks along the way from sample to NGS:
  • Hands-Free DNA Purification by vacuum, magnetic beads, or with our new Filter Press positive-pressure purification manifold.
  • Up to Full-plate Normalization– Connect your microplate reader, or import your reader data to prepare a fresh plate at a constant concentration.
  • Automated Magnetic Beads (Ampure)- Easy, but tedious. The Solo has an accessory for walkaway magnetic beads purification of DNA- target enrichment, PCR cleanup
  • Automated Library Prep and Indexing– The Solo is your favorite lab assistant for high-quality liquid handling in medium thruput.
  • PCR Prep, PCR– The Solo Molecular Biology Workstation will do vector preparation, gene assembly, transformation and plating. After automated colony picking with the RapidPick, you’ll incubate and return the culture block for plasmid preps. The Solo was made to perform at PCR volumes. It’s easy, agile, and reliable.

Hudson Robotics has been automating laboratory applications like NGS since 1983. The Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Workstation can integrate anything, like your plate reader or washer. And it’s a real robot. It can import information like your plate reader data and automatically normalize DNA concentration.

If your NGS program is up and running, let’s talk about the precision (CV<1%) and throughput (24-hour operation) automation can provide.

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