Laboratory pH Meter with Temperature Compensation and Heating Nest

For scientists interested in testing pH samples at different temperatures, Hudson Robotics has developed a heating nest for the Rapid_pH lab pH meter to heat pH samples to specific temperatures before pH readings are taken. The heating nest can heat pH samples up to 50C. In many laboratories, scientists are interested in the effect of temperature on their pH samples. Hudson’s benchtop pH meter with temperature compensation allows the scientist to study the effects of temperature by measuring the pH of a sample at the temperature set in the Rapid_pH software. Perfect for small volume testing of pH samples in 96 well plates, this pH benchtop meter reduces the time and tedium of manual pH measurement.

A Lab pH Meter made by Lab Automation Specialists

The Hudson Rapid_pH automated laboratory pH meter will increase your pH testing throughput in the lab and free-up valuable time for you to work on other tasks. The Rapid_pH performs the complete process of automatically rinsing the pH probe in DI water, blowing the probe dry, and reading the pH. Fresh DI water is cycled into the wash well in between pH measurements. When not in use, the Rapid_pH moves the pH probe to a storage tube containing KCl.   Both the Rapid_pH base and the Rapid_pH with temperature compensation can be equipped with an optional second wash well to rinse the pH probe in light detergent or sterilization fluid.

Rapid_pH Laboratory pH Meter for Large SamplesRapid_pH Laboratory pH Meter for Large Samples
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