Rapid_pH pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples

The Rapid_pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples includes all the functionality of the standard Rapid_pH Robotic pH Meter but is optimized for use with higher viscosity samples. To handle viscous samples, a Mettler Toledo probe designed for viscous pH samples is employed, and the pH probe wash station has been optimized to use a power wash spray of DI water to remove contamination between measurements. An optional static wash well allowing the use of light detergent or sterilization fluid can be added.

Lab pH Meter Automation

The Rapid_pH family of pH meters are automated benchtop pH meters for testing pH in microplates, tubes and vials. The Rapid_pH reduces the time and tedium associated with manual pH measurement in the lab by automating the entire pH measurement process including calibration, measurement, rinsing, drying, waiting for stabilization and recording of the result. Increase throughput, reduce human error and increase data accuracy while freeing up valuable analyst time to complete other important tasks.

Lab pH Meter Options:
Standard Rapid_pH for testing pH at room temperature
Benchtop pH Meter with temperature compensation
Lab pH meters for CFR 21 part 11 Compliance

Rapid_pH Laboratory pH Meter for Large Samples
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