DNA Extraction Systems (DNA, RNA and Proteins)

DNA Extraction Systems (DNA, RNA and Proteins)2019-08-22T15:44:45-04:00

DNA Extraction

Hudson Robotics has introduced an automated DNA extraction system as another member of our expanding catalog of powerful systems designed to support genetic research efforts. Our DNA extraction system greatly simplifies the process of isolating pure nucleic acids and/or proteins from a wide variety of natural sources.

These laboratory workcells are built around our PlateCrane EX™ or our SciClops™ robot arm for hours of hands-off processing time. The workcells can utilize Hudson’s family of liquid handling instruments or 3rd party manufacturerss liquid handling instruments which all can be controlled by our powerful SoftLinx automation software. The Extraction System is packed with enhancements and features.

Support your favorite approach to DNA, RNA and Protein Extraction

  • Choose from well-known vendor kits, such as Norgen and Promega
  • Run filtrations using vacuum, the FilterPress for positive pressure and/or magnetic beads

Offer powerful options to fit into your pipeline

  • Optional integrated thermocycler allows direct PCR amplification
  • One system extracts DNA, RNA and Proteins from Soil, Plants, Blood, etc.

Highly flexible software that’s easy-to-use:

  • Based on our popular flow chart-based SoftLinx automation system
  • Wizards allow technicians to choose which extraction they’ll run. A single screen then helps them set up their samples and plates.
  • Part of Hudson’s new GO Technology

Automated DNA Extraction System

Integrated centrifuge allows complete automation of the entire process.

  • Run multiple plates of samples by machine without user intervention.
  • Low-temperature storage systems can be integrated into the system

Buffer/Reagent/media Dispenser, Automated Pipettor & DNA estraction tool
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The extraction system has been designed to run commercial kits that extract DNA, RNA and proteins from a variety of sources including:

  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Bacteria
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • and more…

The system can be configured with any one, or all, of your favorite separation methods, including:

  • vacuum filtration
  • pressure filtration
  • magnetic bead separation
  • centrifuging

The utility of the extraction system can be greatly enhanced by adding additional equipment in range of the robot arm to add direct downstream processing of the purified bio-molecules.  Here are some examples of the potential versatility of combining the extraction system with additional equipment:

  • Thermocycler: Direct amplification of the extracted and purified DNA (PCR).
  • UV Spectrometer: Measure the concentration of purified proteins.
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) reader: Measure the size and/or state of aggregation of each sample.