Benchtop Automated pH Meter for High-Throughput pH Testing

The Rapid_pH, an innovative robotic laboratory pH meter designed to streamline pH testing in microplates, tubes, and vials. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and tedious process of manual pH measurement in the lab. The Rapid_pH automates every step, from rinsing and drying the pH probe to immersing it in samples and recording results. With this automated solution, you can focus on more important tasks in the lab while increasing your pH testing throughput.

Enhanced Efficiency for pH Testing of Large Sample Sets with Reduced Volumes

Our compact benchtop pH meter revolutionizes pH testing efficiency while accommodating large sample sets. Featuring automated rinsing with DI water and blow-drying of the pH probe, the Rapid_pH ensures consistent and reliable results with minimal user intervention. Fresh DI water is cycled between pH reads, maintaining optimal probe cleanliness. With sample volumes as small as 75 ul in half-area 96-well microplates or 200 ul in standard 96-well microplates, this pH meter caters to diverse experimental needs. Additionally, it effortlessly handles larger sample volumes in deep well microplates, vials, or tubes. Equipped with a heating nest capable of heating samples up to 50°C and providing temperature compensation, the Rapid_pH guarantees accurate pH measurements across various conditions. For compliance with CFR 21 Part 11 regulations, specialized software options are available, ensuring data integrity and security.

Compatible with a wide variety of labware.

Rapid pH with 96 well plate.

96-well Plate

Rapid pH with 24 well plate.

24-well Plate

Rapid pH with 96 deep well plate.

96-deep well Plate

Rapid pH with 48 well rack with vials.

48-well Rack with Vials

Rapid pH with PCR plate.

PCR Plate

The Rapid_pH pH meter enables pH measurement of large sets of samples as never before possible:

The Rapid_pH software is intuitive so it is easy to calibrate the pH meter and then run your pH samples with minimal training.  The Rapid_pH software allows you to import data about your sample sets and export the pH results. The pH meter calibration screen is shown below.  Simply select the type of plate you are using, enter the standards (any number of repetitions is supported), and press the play button:

pH samples are run from a similar screen so in this case, the user picks the microplate format, then either manually selects the wells to be read or imports the data from a saved file that the user creates.  A ph sample set can be run in row or column order. The Rapid_pH used Mettler Toledo InLab Micro Probes. It is not compatible with HANNA pH probes or Thermo Fisher pH probes.

pH Meter Frequently Asked Questions

Any SBS formatted Microplate or Rack. Common sizes are 24, 48, and 96 well microplates or tube/vials racks.

pH testing labware is limited to 50 mm in height.

pH samples as low 75 ul in half diameter 95 well plates, 200 in standard 96 well microplates.

No. larger volumes can be tests deep well plates, tubes or vials.

1 hour and 10 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The pH probe is automatically rinsed in DI water then the probe is blow dried.

Yes. The Rapid_pH has an option to add a heating nest to heat pH samples and software for adjusting the pH reading based on temperature.

Yes. There is an option for enhanced software and IQ/OQ verification services for the Rapid_pH.

Mettler Toledo InLab Micro pH probes that can be purchased from multiple suppliers.

benchtop ph meter - rapid ph
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