Hudson’s RapidPick™  Colony Picking Systems are the only fully-automated high-throughput microbial colony picking workcells. They deliver performance and precision unparalleled in the Life Science industry. These systems are meticulously designed to streamline colony picking processes in life science research, offering exceptional capabilities:

  • Robotic loading/unloading
  • Automated fresh media filling
  • Automated gas-permeable plate sealing
  • Barcode scanning
  • Up to 2400 picks/hour (typical)
  • 99+% inoculation success (typical)
  • Capacity of up to 225 colony plates
  • All RapidPick models fit well in anaerobic chambers (ideal for microbiota research)

RapidPick Complete Colony Pickers

Discover the ultimate solution for automated colony picking with Hudson’s RapidPick™ Complete Colony Pickers. These fully automated high-throughput workcells offer unparalleled performance and precision, revolutionizing colony picking processes in the life science industry.

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High Speed Colony Picking RapidPick Lite

RapidPick Lite Colony Picker

The RapidPick ‘Lite’ offers all the capacity, throughput and picking/re-arraying features of the RapidPick Complete, but without the liquid dispenser or microplate sealer. The RapidPick Lite averages 2,400 colonies per hour. The RapidPick Lite includes the RapidPick MP, a PlateCrane Robotic Arm and 5 plate stacks.

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RapidPick MP Colony Picker

RapidPick MP: 20 Pin Colony Picker

The RapidPick MP is the fastest, most accurate automated multi-pin colony picking system in the world with over 99% inoculation rates and typical speeds of picking over 2,400 bacterial colonies per hour. The small footprint saves lab space, allows for easy cleaning and fits into anaerobic chambers for microbiota research and biosafety hoods. The RapiPick MP is at the heart of the Complete and Lite systems which include robotic plate loading, media filling as well as other features, such as plate sealing in the RapidPick Complete Workcell.

The RapidPick MP is intended for researchers who need the accuracy and high outgrowth rates of the RapidPick colony-picker, but whose workload doesn’t require the added automation available in the Complete or Lite systems.

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RapidPick SP: Single Pin Colony Picker

Hudson’s RapidPick SP is a single-pin version of Hudson’s widely acclaimed RapidPick multi-pin colony-picker and re-arrayer. Like the RapidPick and RapidPick Lite, the RapidPick SP has all the features needed by users in today’s molecular biology environment.

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RapidPick Harvester

Hudson Robotics has developed a unique, automated picker for microbial and fungal samples in microplates or omnitrays.  The RapidPick Harvester™ identifies and extracts sample plugs of microbial colonies, or fungal samples grown on agar or in semi-solid media.

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