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Published On: October 16th, 2023Categories: News, Press Releases

October 16, 2023, Springfield, NJ

Hudson Robotics, leaders in lab automation systems, is pleased to announce that we have been included in the Top 10 Laboratory Automation Solutions Providers for 2023 by Pharma Tech Outlook.

Pharma Tech Outlook has chosen ten outstanding companies dedicated to automation solutions that have, “bolstered the reproducibility and reliability of experiments, eliminating the potential for variability introduced by human operators.”

Andrew, Witschi, CEO of Hudson Robotics, says, “We are honored to be among the ten exceptional companies recognized. With our 40-year history of creating and enabling lab automation to increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks in laboratory workflows, we are proud of this honor. We will continue to innovate and implement automation systems throughout the world.”

Pharma Tech Outlook describes Hudson as, “a leading provider of innovative laboratory automation solutions. Their cutting-edge technology empowers scientists and researchers to streamline workflows, increasing efficiency and accuracy in tasks like liquid handling, sample management and assay automation. With a commitment to scientific advancement, Hudson Robotics is a trusted partner in the life sciences industry.”

We offer lab automation products that can change, grow, or evolve with our scientists. Powered by our easy and intuitive SoftLinx™ Lab Automation Software, we have plug ins available for over 200 on-market instruments. From liquid handling to colony picking to protein crystallization, we can automate one function of your workflow or the entire process.