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SOLOsoft is the software program included with Hudson‘s SOLO Automated Pipettor. It can be used as a direct control panel to operate the SOLO in standalone mode, or it can be run in the background by Hudson’s own SoftLinx, or other workcell control schedulers, as part of an automated workcell..

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Protocol choices for automation software

SoftLink Player

The SoftLinx player is the first member of Hudson Robotics’ new line of GO Technology™ software designed to make it as easy as possible to use our Guided Operation lab automation software.  A lab technician, that has never seen the software or the protocols, will be able to run the the laboratory instruments.

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SoftLinx Lab Automation Software

SoftLinx Lab Automation Scheduler

SoftLinx is a powerful multitasking application for planning and running lab automation workcells. It is designed to make the programming and operation of lab automation workcells easy for lab personnel, yet flexible enough for custom modification by programmers.

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