We’re dedicated to advancing laboratory workflows through innovative technology tailored for the scientific community. Our SOLOsoft, SoftLink Player, and SoftLinx Lab Automation Scheduler represent the culmination of extensive research and development, specifically aimed at enhancing laboratory operations. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our cutting-edge lab automation devices, our lab automation software suite ensures a harmonious synergy between hardware and software components.

Crafted with the scientific mind in focus, our software solutions provide intuitive interfaces and robust functionality, ensuring both seasoned researchers and novices can execute protocols with confidence and precision. Explore the possibilities of our lab automation software suite, where each tool is meticulously engineered to elevate your scientific endeavors.

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SOLOsoft is the software program included with Hudson‘s SOLO Automated Pipettor. Whether you prefer standalone operation or integration into larger workcell environments using SoftLinx or other schedulers, SOLOsoft offers seamless control and precision for your pipetting tasks.

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SoftLink Player

The Softlink Player is the flagship member of Hudson Robotics’ innovative GO Technology™ software line. With its guided operation interface, even novice technicians can effortlessly navigate our lab automation software and run complex protocols with confidence.

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SoftLinx Lab Automation Software

SoftLinx Lab Automation Scheduler

Experience the power and versatility of SoftLinx, a multitasking application designed for planning and executing lab automation workcells. From simple protocols to custom workflows, SoftLinx empowers lab personnel with intuitive programming capabilities while offering flexibility for advanced modifications by programmers.

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