Lab Automation

Hudson Robotics SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software has software plug-ins to over 200 instruments made by different manufactures. The following interfaces are currently available and being used in the field. If you don’t see you instrument or category, get in touch with us! SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software is easy to use, flexible and really powerful.

Advanced Liquid Handling Systems Flow Cytometers Misc. Integrations
Bar Code Readers & Printers High Content Screening Multi-Mode Plate Readers
Basic Liquid Handling & Pipetting Stations QPCR/Thermocyclers Other Readers
Balances Incubators/Freezers Plate Sealers
Centrifuges Liquid Dispensers Scintillation & Luminescence Counters
Anaerobic Chambers Microplate Washers

The SoftLinx lab scheduling software is perfect for automating laboratory workflows for life sciences. Each lab instrument software interface has it’s own unique features, depending on the available functions on the instrument. In general, the interfaces open and close the microplate door, direct the instrument to run a particular protocol, and constantly check its status. With simple user modifications, your protocols can read the output of run, and make on-the-fly responses, based on the results.

This list is constantly changing as new interfaces are written.

Microplate Washers

  • BioTek ELx405 & ELx406
  • MDC Embla 384
  • Tecan Columbus, PowerWasher & Quadra
Liquid Dispensers

  • Asys FlexiSpense M
  • BioTek MicroFill
  • Genetix QFill2
  • MDC AQUAmax
  • Thermo Multidrop 384, DW and Combi nL
Plate Sealers

  • Brandel Lablinx Sealer Integration
  • Nexus Biosystems Captivator Microtube Capper/Uncapper
  • Remp ADI Microtube Capper/Uncapper
  • Brandel RS3000 Plate Sealer
  • Thermo ALPS 3000 Plate Sealer
  • Velocity 11 PlateLoc Sealer
  • Zymark Presto Plate Sealer

Microplate Readers

  • Promega GloMax
  • BMG LabTech Readers
  • GE LifeSciences LeadSeeker
  • MDC FlexStation Series
  • MDC SpectraMax Series
  • Berthold Mithras (MikroWin 2000)
  • Tecan Infinite, SAFIRE, SPECTRA & Ultra
  • PE Lifesciences Envision, Victor, FluoroCount & Fusion
  • BioTek Synergy & Powerwave Series, ELx808
Scintillation and Luminescence Counters

  • PE LifeSciences MicroBeta2 & MicroBeta2 LumiJet
  • PE LifeSciences MicroBeta Jet & TriLux
  • PE LifeSciences TopCount
  • Berthold Centro (MikroWin 2000)
Other Readers

  • BMG LabTech NEPHLOstar
  • ForteBio Octet
  • Lemnatec ScanalyzerLuminex 100
  • Aurora Biosciences (Vertex) VIPR II
High Content Screening (CCD Imagers)

  • Brooks Celligo Cell Analyzer
  • GE LifeSciences InCell 1000 Analyzer
  • Innovatis Cellavista
  • MDC CloneSelect
  • PE LifeSciences ViewLux
  • Thermo Cellomics Arrayscan II/Vti
Basic Liquid Handling & Pipetting Stations

  • Apricot Personal Pipettor
  • Beckman Coulter MultiMek & MultiPette
  • BioTek Precision 2000
  • Genomic Solutions Hummingbird Pipettor
  • Gilson 215 (Includes custom plate nest)
  • Robbins Hydra 384-PP & 96-PP
  • TomTec Quadra
  • Velocity11 Vprep
Advanced Liquid Handling Systems

  • Apricot TPS-24 & TPS-384
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek FX & NX
  • Hamilton STAR(all models)
  • LabCyte Echo 550/555 Sonic Pipettor
  • PE LifeSciences MiniTrak/PlateTrak
  • PE LifeSciences MultiProbe & Evolution
  • Sias Xantus
  • Tecan Genesis & Freedom EVO
  • Xiril Liquid Handlers

Microplate Centrifuges

  • Sias Ixion Centrifuge
  • Jouan GR4 Automated Centrifuge
Bar Code Readers & Printers

  • Beckman Coulter (Sagian) Print & Apply
  • Computype LAP-4110 Printer Applicator
  • Keyence Bar Code Reader
  • Matrix2000 2D Tube Rack Scanner
  • Microscan Bar Code Reader
  • Remp Reatrix 2D Tube Rack Scanner
  • Symbol Bar Code Reader
  • Velocity 11 Vcode
  • Zymark Presto Integration
Miscellaneous Integrations

  • Computype Automated Microwell
  • Illumina BeadStation 500
  • Magnetic Nests
  • Plate Disposal
  • Magnetic Stirrer Nests
  • Nexus X-Peeler
  • Thermo KingFisher
  • Variomag Teleshake
Flow Cytometers

  • Union Biometrica COPAS Cytometry Sorter
  • Millipore (Guava) EasyCyte

  • Heraeus Cytomat & Cytomat 2
  • Liconic (all incubators and plate hotels)
Anaerobic Chambers

  • Coy Lab Protucts