The SoftLinx player is the first member of Hudson Robotics’ new line of GO Technology™ software designed to make it as easy as possible to use our Guided Operation lab automation software. A lab technician, that has never seen the software or the protocols, will be able to run the the laboratory instruments.

Just click on the SoftLinx Player icon on the computer desktop. Select the protocol you want from the list.


The next screen shows pictures of the your instrument indicating exactly where to place all reagents and microplates, tip boxes, reservoirs, etc. The technician will also have a checklist for specific details such as reagent storage and concentration, stability issues, or other required details.

Once the user is satisfied that they have met all of the conditions specified by the Player’s screen, they can press the “Go” button, and the protocol will automatically begin.

new plasma screen

It’s that easy!

The SoftLinx Player Guided Operations software is included free with many of our instruments.

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