pH Meters for Automated pH Measurement

Hudson’s robotic pH meters automate the process for measuring pH in microplates, tubes and vials, reducing the time and tedium associated with manual pH measurement in the lab. The Rapid_pH automated pH meter will increase your pH measurement throughput and free up your time to work on other important tasks.

Microplate Handling Instruments

These microplate transportation systems which are used in High Throughput (HTS) protocols are designed to move SBS-footprint microtiter™ plates around a workcell, place and remove them from microplate stacks and microplate nests of other devices, such as liquid handlers, microplate readers, incubators, etc.

Automated Liquid Handling Systems

Laboratory work involves a lot of liquid handling so Hudson Robotics offers several automated robot liquid handling robot system options. These lab instruments are both accurate and precise. Our automated liquid handling systems are also very flexible, and can easily be used as free-standing instruments, or integrated into an automated workstation.

Colony Picking

Hudson’s RapidPick™ Colony Picking Systems are the only fully automated high-throughput colony picking workcells, that deliver performance and precision unparalleled in the Life Science industry. Hudson now offers three types of colony pickers based on the central colony picking component of the system: Multi-Pin, Single-Pin, and Pipette Tip-Based Systems.

Laboratory Workcells

We have developed solutions to automate various processes in the biological, drug discovery and medical fields. We develop automated robots, laboratory equipment systems, and machines for streamlined automation of various lab processes. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us, we can almost certainly help you.

Integrations for Lab Automation

Hudson Robotics SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software has software plug-ins to over 200 instruments made by different manufactures. The following interfaces are currently available and being used in the field. If you don’t see you instrument or category, get in touch with us! SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software is easy to use, flexible and really powerful.


SOLOsoft is the software program included with Hudson‘s SOLO Automated Pipettor. SoftLinx is a powerful multitasking application for planning and running lab automation workcells. The SoftLinx player is the first member of Hudson Robotics’ new line of GO Technology™ software designed to make it as easy as possible to use our Guided Operation lab automation software.