Hudson Robotics offers a comprehensive range of laboratory automation and robotics solutions designed to streamline various processes in the life sciences industry. From pH meters for automated pH measurement to microplate handling instruments and automated liquid handling systems, our products are engineered to enhance efficiency and precision in laboratory workflows.

Explore our innovative colony picking systems, laboratory workcells, and integrations for lab automation, all supported by powerful software solutions like SOLOsoft and SoftLinx. Whatever your automation needs, Hudson Robotics has the expertise and technology to optimize your laboratory operations.

pH Meters for Automated pH Measurement

Hudson Robotics’ robotic pH meters automate pH measurement in microplates, tubes, and vials, minimizing manual labor and accelerating laboratory processes. The Rapid_pH automated pH meter enhances throughput, freeing up valuable time for critical tasks.

Microplate Handling Instruments

Our microplate transportation systems facilitate high-throughput protocols by efficiently moving SBS-footprint microtiter plates within workcells. Designed to handle microplate stacks and nests of various devices, such as liquid handlers and incubators, these instruments ensure seamless integration and workflow optimization.

Automated Liquid Handling Systems

Hudson Robotics offers a range of automated liquid handling systems renowned for their accuracy, precision, and flexibility. These systems are ideal for various liquid handling tasks in the laboratory, whether as standalone instruments or integrated into automated workstations.

Colony Picking

Discover Hudson’s RapidPick™ Colony Picking Systems, the ultimate solution for automated high-throughput colony picking. With unparalleled performance and precision, these systems are available in Multi-Pin, Single-Pin, and Pipette Tip-Based configurations, catering to diverse needs in the life science industry.

Laboratory Workcells

Our automated robots and equipment systems streamline processes in biological, drug discovery, and medical fields. Tailored to meet specific laboratory requirements, our solutions optimize efficiency and productivity. If you have unique needs, reach out to us for customized automation solutions.

Integrations for Lab Automation

SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software, equipped with over 200 instrument plug-ins, streamlines workflow management. Easily integrate various instruments and devices for seamless automation. Explore our extensive interface options or contact us for custom integrations tailored to your laboratory setup.

Software Solutions

SOLOsoft and SoftLinx software programs empower laboratory automation with intuitive interfaces and powerful functionalities. From controlling the SOLO Automated Pipettor to managing complex workcell operations, our software solutions simplify automation and enhance productivity.