Hudson has automated the entire process of protein expression and purification of experimental genes, whether they are from random mutagenesis or from directed assembly.  We offer a wide range of instruments to support the entire range of protocols commonly encountered when preparing peptides and proteins.  From liquid handlers to support PCR through vast, multi-component systems to support an entire research effort.

Ligation – Where bacteria or yeast re to be used for protein expression, Hudson’s automated ligation process moves the desired DNA inserts onto growth or expression vectors prior to transforming them into the competent cells.  The systems can utilize kit-based or user-developed protocols.

Transformation – Using programmable dry-bath nests, the system prepares cells for transformation then executes this on a SOLO pipettor using the insert-containing vectors.  Again, the systems can utilize kit-based or user-developed protocols.

protein expression & purification
Fully-automated ProLink Protein Expression System

Transcription – Hudson has developed automated transcription workcells for RNA production directly from DNA samples.  Flask-based reactions yield up to 40ng.

Colony Picking – Hudson’s RapidPick automated colony picking systems can be operated as a standalone application or as part of larger cell-culturing and protein expression systems.

Colony to qPCR – Available as stand-alone workcells, or integrated into cell-based assay systems,  SoftLinx directs the preparation and processing of cells directly from colonies to qPCR.   The colony-to-qPCR reaction can be fed directly to a Roche LightCycler, Bio-Rad CFX or ABI 7900/ViiA7 qPCR instruments.

Mini-Prep – Fully-automated separation and purification of plasmids or expressed proteins.


Mini-Prep Workstation