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synthetic biology workstation

Synthetic Biology Workstation

Synthetic Biology

At Hudson Robotics, our unparalleled capabilities and diverse product portfolio propel us to the forefront of lab automation in synthetic biology. We proudly lead the global charge in automating the entire Synthetic Biology Pipeline, from the initial stages of automated oligo synthesis and gene assembly to subsequent processes such as transformation, colony picking, and plasmid preparation.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in protein expression and purification systems, Hudson Robotics now offers comprehensive solutions to automate every facet encountered in a typical molecular biology laboratory. Our innovative technologies not only streamline workflows but also enhance efficiency and reproducibility, empowering researchers to focus on scientific discovery rather than manual labor.

Discover more about our cutting-edge automated solutions tailored for each step of the Synthetic Biology Pipeline. Unlock the potential of automation and accelerate your research journey with Hudson Robotics.

Synthetic Biology Pipeline
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Hudson Robotics


Transformation and Colony Plating

This video shows automated bacterial transformation and colony plating using the Hudson SOLO Pipettor.

DNA Normalization

In the following video, DNA Normalization is carried out on the SOLO pipettor

Colony Plating

In the following video, the SOLO plates 12 colonies at a time directly onto a Petri Dish.  This is part of a system developed for the USDA.

Colony Picking

This video shows the RapidPick ACIS in action which colonies to be picked are stored in a Liconic incubator.

In this video, the RapidPick is being used to pool several dye samples

Colonies can also be picked with the SOLO pipettor. This video shows fungal colonies being selected from a Petri dish with a single-channel SOLO

This modified RapidPick system was designed to inoculate 2 different destination plates with each picked colony