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Oligo Synthesis

Expanding upon the basic functionality of oligo synthesis, the new plugin introduced by Hudson for SoftLinx facilitates a seamless integration with existing laboratory workflows. Once the desired oligo sequences are loaded into the system—either through direct file uploads or fetched from an online database—the software meticulously processes this data to generate precise synthesis commands tailored to the specifications of an automated oligo synthesizer. This ensures that the synthesizer operates at peak efficiency, synthesizing nucleic acid sequences with high fidelity.

The plugin additionally incorporates checks and balances by prompting the operator to verify the availability of all necessary materials before the commencement of synthesis, thereby minimizing errors and enhancing the overall reliability of the gene assembly process. This integration not only streamlines the synthesis of oligonucleotides but also aligns with the broader objectives of automated laboratory systems, which aim to increase throughput and reduce manual intervention in complex genetic engineering tasks.

The plugin consists of the following key features:

  • Downloads desired oligo formulations from a local file or via internet.
  • Converts the file information into specific instructions for an automated oligo synthesizer
  • Prompts the operator to insure that the required materials are present.
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