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Colony Picking: Fungal, Yeast, Bacterial Focus

Discover Hudson Robotics’ cutting-edge colony picking technology, including the RapidPick SP and the renowned 20-pin RapidPick colony picker. Our advanced RapidPick system uses imaging and sophisticated analysis to precisely select colonies tailored to your research needs, whether maximizing bacterial colonies or identifying specific traits.

Specialized Solutions for Yeast and Fungi Studies:

Explore the RapidPick Harvester, designed for yeast and fungal research, enabling deeper insights into their biology. Our versatile instruments cater to various research environments, from high-throughput screenings to microbiome studies, and seamlessly integrate into anaerobic chambers for microbiome research applications.

Enhanced Automation for Efficiency:

Discover related products for enhanced automation, supporting specific applications and throughput levels. With Hudson Robotics, streamline your research workflow, accelerate scientific discovery, and unlock new frontiers in microbiology and genetics.

Product Highlights: Press the “Related Products” tab to see some of the ways in which these instruments have been automated to support specific applications and levels of throughput.

Synthetic Biology Pipeline

Colony Picking is a key part of the following Applications Pipelines that we support:


Pin-Based Picking – Colony Picking with the RapidPick Complete

This video shows the RapidPick in action which colonies to be picked are stored in a Liconic incubator.

In this video, the RapidPick is being used to pool several dye samples

This modified RapidPick system was designed to inoculate 2 different destination plates with each picked colony

The following video shows the single-pin picker (RapidPick SP) in action

Pipette-Based Picking – Fungal Picking on the RapidPick Harvester

Colonies can also be picked with the SOLO pipettor. This video shows fungal colonies being selected from a Petri dish with a single-channel SOLO

This video shows a fungal colony picking protocol using the RapidPick Harvester

This video demonstrates Calibration, Imaging, Selection and Collection of samples using a RapidPick Harvester from a Petri dish.