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SOLO-Based Integrations

Hudson Robotics equipment

Hudson’s SOLO™ Pipettor as a Base Platform for Your Assays

For many years, Hudson Robotics has been well-known for the ability to integrate Hudson’s  PlateCrane™ Robotic Arm with a wide variety of readers and other SBS-compatible microplate equipment.  But you may not be aware of the wide variety of integration solutions we have produced, built around our SOLO pipettor.

The SOLO pipettor allows the user to place instruments below its pipetting arm, within easy reach of its pipetting tips.  SOLOSoft software can treat the instrument plate nests as standard SOLO plate positions.  


For example, the following picture shows the SOLO integrated with Promega’s new Discover multi-mode reader.  With one piece of software, the user can create a protocol that prepares the assay plate in the reader’s nest position, opens closes the reader’s door and runs the reader’s protocol software.  This configuration has been successfully used to run the ADP-Glo, ApoTox-Glo and several other Promega assays.

SOLO with Spectrostar and balance

Similar integrations have been carried out with many of the popular multi-mode and specialized plate readers used in life science research today.

This type of integration can be used, for instance, to validate the accuracy and precision of the SOLO itself, by integrating the SPECTROstar Nano and a Sartorius microbalance, as shown above.  Both instruments have been positioned below the pipetting arm.  In this configuration, we first operate the SOLO in single-channel mode and measure the weight of each individual dispense into a tube, and calculate CV data after a number of equivalent dispenses.  We then switch to multi-channel mode and measure the CV data of the absorbance maxima of a dye solution dispensed directly into the nest of the SPECTROstar.  The software controls the pipetting protocols, the SPECTROstar’s operation and the taring and reading of weights from the balance.

We have integrated a large number of third party instruments, as well as Hudson’s own instruments, with the SOLO.  For example, below are images several example SOLO integrations(from left to right):
SOLO - Inheco solo_filterpress_micro10x SOLO - ELISA Workcell

The SOLO stands alone as the only small, affordable bench-top pipettor that allows users to integrate their instruments into the pipettor’s work envelope.

We can integrate your instrument with our SOLO. Just press the button below and tell us what reader, or other piece of equipment you are interested in integrating in this manner.