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Laboratory Workcells

Hudson Robotics equipment
In this section, we list solutions we have developed to automate various processes in the biological, drug discovery and medical fields.  We develop automated robots, laboratory equipment systems, and machines for streamlined automation of various lab processes. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us, we can almost certainly help you.
Plate Crane EX

Compact ELISA WorkStation

This compact workstation supports all sorts of ELISA assays. The combination of the SOLO and Micro10x makes is possible to build any assay template including standards, and serial dilutions. Different pipette heads can be used to support a wide variety of sample sizes.

Lab Linx

Hudson’s RapidHit Automated HitPicking System

Hudson’s RapidHit Simultaneous Automated HitPicking System is a compact, self-contained system that allows users to obtain assay plates comprised of the actual hits detected in a primary screen using the same compound source plates that provided the primary screen. The RapidHit uses the output files produced by the plate reader as they become available, and automatically selects and transfers “hits” based on user-entered criteria.

Non Thermal Adhesive

ProLink Express

The ProLink Express™ represents a breakthrough in integrating laboratory instruments that will change the way researchers use automation. It is the first fully-automated proteomics workcell that integrates all plate delivery and transfer operations with complete data tracking. It automates the entire protein expression process, from initial bacterial colony picking through final protein expression and measurement.

Vary Vac

Synthetic Biology Workstation

Hudson’s new Synthetic Biology Workstation automates the entire portion of the pipeline from Gene Assembly through Plasmid Preparation. All of these functions are automated and integrated into a single, easy to use system.

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VaryScreen I - Multi-Assay Screening System

Hudson Robotics' VaryScreen I is a versatile assay screening and development system. It can be used to develop, run and automate all sorts of in-vitro assays Conduct multiple assay types on a single workcell: ALPHA Screens, UV/Vis Absorbance, Fluorescence Polarization, Luminescence, FRET and ELISA, and others. Flexibility for on-the-fly assay development: Easily develop new assays, model protocols, optimize conditions and validate results.

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VaryScreen ADME-Tox System

Hudson's new VaryScreen ADME-Tox System is an all-in-one system that is ready, out of the box, to run many of the necessary screens typically used to determine the pharmaceutical profile of a potential drug candidate.  It contains liquid handling robots to set up plates for each of the required protocols, and several microplate handlers to store and transport the plates between the liquid handlers, incubator and multi-mode reader. The system comes with a number of built-in standard protocols to help users get their profiling up and running as quickly as possible.

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