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Published On: September 28th, 2021Categories: Articles, Software
Hudson Robotics has been a leader in laboratory automation for almost 40 years.While their equipment is some of the best available with tremendous dependability, cost savings, and versatility, the Hudson software elevates Hudson above all competitors.
A magically economical, time-saving machine is not so magical if getting it to work requires an IT specialist or days of detailed, complicated, and confusing programming. Unfortunately, most of the automation software sold today focuses on the equipment and forgets about the user. Choosing the right software is at least as important as selecting the right equipment.Fortunately, Hudson Robotics has never forgotten about the people who depend on their laboratory automation equipment and that any piece of lab equipment is only as useful as its ease of use. This is what makes Hudson software unique in the entire industry.

High Throughput Screening Software

High throughput screening (HTS) software uses laboratory automation and Hudson software every step of the way to dramatically increase the testing of samples for biological activity. For example, using HTS software can permit thousands of samples to be tested for COVID-19 in a matter of hours with little to no technician involvement. Not only can huge numbers of diagnostic tests be performed, but thousands of possible active pharmaceutical agents can be tested for various factors like receptor binding and activation.

The brilliance of HTS software by Hudson software is that what would normally take days or weeks can now be accomplished in hours. The time it takes to discover new pharmaceutical agents has been slashed with laboratory automation and HTS software. Life science laboratories can complete months of experiments in a few days with Hudson software.
And Husdon software’s HTS products are second to none. Their software integrates not only with Hudson products but with hundreds of third-party automated lab equipment. The ease of use combined with the enormous power of Hudson software makes it the ideal software choice regardless of lab equipment brand.

Laboratory Scheduling Software

Dynamic scheduling software is one of Hudson software’s premier products, thanks to their proprietary SoftLinx™ laboratory automation scheduling software. With the power of multitasking, SoftLinx™ can plan and run automated laboratory work cells including,

Software plug-ins to integrate over 200 instruments made by various manufacturers into your laboratory workflow.

Hudson software’s SoftLinx™ is intuitive and flexible.vIt provides detailed information throughout the processing of multiple microplates and can determine and run complex assays efficiently, saving time and money every day.  “One-off” experiments can also be incorporated so they can be run using a single piece of automated equipment without interrupting the multiplate assay procedures. No human can so easily organize such complex protocols to run more efficiently than Hudson software’s SoftLinx™.

But what makes SoftLinx™ lab automation software at the pinnacle of lab scheduling software available is that anyone who can create a simple flowchart can run the SoftLinxTM software. Using a simple drag-and-drop approach to create flowcharts and let the software know what needs to be done, even the greenest technician can use this dynamic scheduling Hudson software to run experiments as efficiently as possible.

Laboratory Barcode Software

Hudson software’s SoftLinx™ works seamlessly with barcoding software. Laboratory barcode software permits each of the 96 wells in a microplate to be labeled and read by the rest of the automated laboratory equipment. By having the lab equipment read each well and by using the very easily programmed Hudson software SoftLinx™, each well does not need to be processed identically.

For example, in a single 96 wells microplate, 12 serial dilution standards can be washed with a neutral pH buffer, 28 samples can be washed with a mildly acidic buffer, 28 can be washed with a mildly alkaline buffer, and 28 washed with a different neutral pH buffer.

Using the intuitive drop-and-drag system in Hudson software’s SoftLinx™, any scientist or technician can program the software in just minutes to simultaneously perform these four different processes on a single microplate. The time savings, alone, is amazing!

Plasmid Construction Software

Plasmids are small molecules of DNA, often circular, found in bacteria and other cells. Plasmids are smaller than a DNA molecule, so they carry only a few genes, but these genes often encode for antibiotic resistance. Separating plasmids from the rest of the cellular material, including the rest of the genomic nucleic acids, is important when studying antibiotic resistance. Plasmids are also used as carriers to incorporate small amounts of DNA into the genomic DNA molecule as plasmids can be introduced into mammalian cells and integrate into the main demonic DNA molecule.

With a fully automated Plasmid Prep Workcell and the accompanying plasmid software, scientists can select different ranges of DNA to extract from and integrate into the genomic DNA. With Hudson software’s ease of use, making these selections and changes while working with plasmids is quick and easy. Adding a PlateCrane robotic arm and microplate hotels can provide for high throughput plasmid work.

qPCR Analysis Software

Hudson software can set up, load, run, and analyze every part of qPCR reactions in 96 well microplates (and smaller plates). So, qPCR can be performed from start to finish on 46 references/standards and samples, saving enormous amounts of time and money while reducing errors and improving reproducibility. Especially complex, multi-step experimental procedures, prone to human error, can be done easily, safely, rapidly, and with perfect precision again and again.

qPCR and PCR software can turn a routine laboratory churning out a dozen papers and presentations a year to a high-speed automated laboratory production line producing highly precise and accurate results for national and international publication every week. All it takes is the imagination and creativity of the scientist as the physical labor is now done, and done better, by automated equipment and easy-to-use, intuitive Hudson software.

Lab Instrument Interface Software

By now it should be obvious that the crown jewel of Hudson software is their SoftLinxTM laboratory instrument interface software. It was designed by Hudson Robotics and refined throughout their nearly 40-year history to permit anyone to program the software without having ever taken a software course. By using a highly intuitive, drag-and-drop flowchart approach, anyone in a life science or pharmaceutical laboratory is capable of easily and quickly programming the software making the automated lab equipment do exactly what is wanted.

With dynamic multitasking, Hudson software can schedule multiple experiments, even complex ones, to run in the most efficient way possible saving more time. The dynamic multitasking feature outdoes any human at calculating the quickest, least expensive, and most efficient way to run batches of experiments, especially experiments that require dramatically different processes and procedures.

Here are just a handful of the many additional features of this amazing software.

  • Capable of connecting to over 100 laboratory automation devices with Hudson-supplied interfaces
  • An intuitive, icon-based, drag-and-drop programming, scheduling, and editing method.
  • Display of all workcell actions in real-time during operation.
  • Can fully recover from unscheduled equipment shutdowns or interruptions.
  • Operators can add microplates to an already running procedure.
  • Additional laboratory instruments can be added anytime they are needed.
  • Can simulate instrumentation that is not currently available in the laboratory.
  • Can dynamically change design processes based on one’s results.

To learn more about any of Hudson Robotics’ fully automated laboratory equipment and their best-in-class SoftLinx™ software, contact the experts at Hudson Robotics. With nearly 40 years of experience, their Hudson software and automated lab equipment cannot be compared with anyone else. If you want to gain or maintain your competitive edge in your life science or pharmaceutical laboratory, contact the experts at Hudson Robotics today.