Promega GloMax Lab Automation

Our SoftLinx lab automation software plugin supports the new Promega GloMax® multi-mode reader. We’ve used this integration as part of automating several of Promega’s luminescence-based assays, as well as various absorbance and fluorescence-based protocols.

Our plugin, as with our other reader plugins, makes it easy to process a large number of plates stored in stacks. However, the orientation of the GloMax’s® nest also makes it easy to build a compact workcell composed of the GloMax® and our SOLO pipettor.

As can be seen in the picture below, the nest of the Glomax® can be added to the SOLO’s default array of four nest positions, due to the extended arm of the SOLO. Just place the assay plate in the GloMax’s® nest and the SOLO can be configured to treat it as position 5. SoftLinx can then make sure the nest is open and direct SoloSoft to prepare the assay plate, close the door, and run the protocol.


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