Articles about PCR/DNA Extraction and Purification

Automating PCR Prep in Your Laboratory

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique used to amplify a specific DNA fragment, often starting with a small amount of template DNA, such as a single bacterial colony. PCR is a time-consuming process, especially when done manually. Automating PCR prep can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory [...]

What to Look for in a Liquid Handling Robot

Liquid reagents and samples make the bulk of materials that life science labs use. Therefore, it's important to have effective liquid handling systems in the lab. Automated liquid handling robots are a great way to speed up lab processes, improve accuracy and precision, and reduce human error.Before you set up [...]

Why Do You Need Fully-automated Real-time PCR?

Real-time PCR, or qPCR, is a necessary process that is a step-up from conventional PCR. In qPCR, data is collected throughout the process, merging the amplification and detection steps into a single action through fluorescent chemicals. qPCR is divided into dye-based and probe-based qPCR; probe-based real-time PCR is often the [...]

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