Colony Morphology Definition: What It Is And How To Identify

High Throughput Screening Software While microbial colonies have been observed on moldy food since the beginning of time, the invention of the petri dish in 1887 by microbiologist Julius Richard Petri pushed forward the study of bacterial colony morphology. However, what is the definition of colony morphology? Here we will answer that question as well [...]

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Describing Colony Morphology: A Basic Guide

Did you know that the first microscope was essentially just two types of lenses stacked on one another? Before the invention of even a barebones microscope in the 16th century, scientists often relied on the power of observation via the naked eye to come to their hypothesis. Bacterial colonies, for example, were identified based on [...]

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Bacterial Colony Morphology 101

Microplate Washer ELISA Bacterial colonies are an important component of microbiology that remains relevant to this day and probably will always stay that way. These colonies are used for medical research, development of pharmaceuticals, use in the food industry (the safe ones, naturally) and more. Once a bacterial colony is cultivated, the first thing to [...]

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