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From Lab to Process: Harnessing pH Measurement in Various Applications through Automation

pH is a logarithmic measurement of the acid or base levels in a substance. It stands for “potential of hydrogen” or “power of hydrogen.” The more hydrogen ions are present in a substance, the lower the pH. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being a very [...]

PlateCrane’s Applications Beyond Plate Handling in Life Sciences

There are many advantages and benefits of robotic automation, and automation itself has revolutionized and streamlined microbiology. The benefits are many: robotic automation is cost-effective in many ways by saving manpower and time. Automation also reduces the risk of human error and is rarely inaccurate. Lab technicians and researchers can [...]

The Technology Behind Colony Picking Robots

Colony picking is the most important aspect of identifying microorganisms for many applications. Used mainly to identify different bacteria, colonies are isolated for future analysis and duplication. The technology behind and colony picking itself is the cornerstone of any microbiology laboratory. Before automated colony picking robots, it was a tedious [...]

Core Laboratory Automation Products for an Efficient Lab Workflow

Scientists have long sought ways to maximize their laboratory throughput by developing machinery that simplifies difficult or repetitive tasks. The use of laboratory automation products increased following the world wars, where Dr. Masahide Sasaki became the first scientist to develop a fully automated lab in the early 1980’s. At the [...]

Automatic Plate Loading for Improved Instrument ROI in the Lab

Microplate robots have advanced the availability of automated qPCR and ELISA and many other applications and assays in laboratories that rely on studying genetics, nucleic acids, and antibodies rapidly and accurately in the animal, plant, and microorganism cells.These microplate handling systems can incorporate a wide array of peripheral devices including [...]

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