Articles about Synthetic Biology

A Brief History of Synthetic Biology

In this brief history of synthetic biology, the most fundamental discoveries in genetics and bioengineering will bring light to how synthetic biology was born. First, genetic discoveries and genome sequencing lay the groundwork for synthetic biology.Later, electrical and bioengineering design brought about synthetic biology's early years. To cap off the [...]

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Biology: An Overview

Like any emerging field of technology, synthetic biology has proponents and critics. With great benefits come new problems to solve. Proponents of synthetic biology see its potential to contribute to key issues like sustainable development and curing cancer, but critics worry that it allows scientists to “play God”.  Read on [...]

In Synthetic Biology? These Tools Need To Be In Your Lab

Synthetic biology is a field of bioengineering in which scientists design new biological parts and systems. Synthetic biology is made possible by advances in genetics and microbiology technology. Lab techniques like PCR and Crispr Cas9 drove early development. Automation technology is driving synthetic biology innovation as it makes high-throughput experiments [...]

Synthetic Biology Real World Examples And Uses

Synthetic biology is an emerging field of bioengineering. This field has continued to grow, powered by technological advancements in lab techniques and lab equipment. Microbiologists and geneticists can develop new biological systems quickly and efficiently by simplifying living cells to basic forms called chassis.Discover the real-world examples of synthetic biology [...]

Engineering Yeast Via Synthetic Biology – Recent Developments

Yeast and synthetic biology are used for the biosynthesis of compounds with medical applications. Synthetic biology has been prolific over recent years, and yeast is an important recent piece of heterologous biosynthesis of biopharmaceuticals. Read on to learn more about yeast and synthetic biology and in which areas of medicine [...]

Why Get An Automated Pipette Machine?

Liquid handling machines that take up little benchtop space, such as an automated pipette machine, transfer liquids between containers without needing users to monitor the operation. The machine's pipetting head, control interface, liquid handling core, deck, and pipette tips increase workflow. Other automated instruments such as microplate stackers, reagent dispensers, [...]

How Can Synthetic Biology Be Applied to Plants?

Plant synthetic biology utilizes existing nutritive plant value to identify biological pathways and generate alternative resources of food, medicines, and other products. These redesigned organisms have a different genetic code consisting of longer DNA matter as compared to the original plant. For example, the common aspirin's main ingredient, salicin, was [...]

Usage of Synthetic Biology in Drug Discovery

Synthetic biology is a new life science label for processes like Protein Engineering and Genetic Engineering that apply engineering design principles to molecular biology to create new biological parts and systems. In drug discovery, synthetic biology creates a world of possibilities for efficient and effective medical treatment. The future of [...]

What Is The Future of Synthetic Biology?

Synthetic biology is a new field of bio-engineering in which scientists design new biological systems. Think of synthetic biology as scientists applying engineering principles to molecular biology and biochemistry. It’s a cycle of designing, building, testing, and redesigning new biological parts, called bioparts. The term “synthetic biology” was coined in [...]

Industrial Uses of Synthetic Biology: An Overview

The use of industrial synthetic biology is not new; however, it’s become a rapidly growing field in recent years. Synthetic biology is considered to be a multidisciplinary field between engineering and life sciences. It favors a top-down approach, where only parts of biological systems are modified in the process.This top-down [...]

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