Articles about Microplates

PlateCrane’s Applications Beyond Plate Handling in Life Sciences

There are many advantages and benefits of robotic automation, and automation itself has revolutionized and streamlined microbiology. The benefits are many: robotic automation is cost-effective in many ways by saving manpower and time. Automation also reduces the risk of human error and is rarely inaccurate. Lab technicians and researchers can [...]

Integrating PlateCrane into Your Lab: Tips for Successful Implementation and Optimization

The PlateCrane EX™™ helps revolutionize laboratory automation by streamlining microplate handling—it is a handler optimized for the “SBS footprint,” including microplates, reservoirs, and disposable dip racks. Not only can the PlateCrane EX™ handle plates with hundreds of different instruments, it is easily integrable into any working lab and is designed [...]

Uses and Benefits of a Fluorescence Microplate Reader

Fluorescence has been documented at various points in history. In fact, Pliny described rubbed jellyfish slime as a type of torch way back in 79 AD. However, it wasn’t until 1852 Sir George Stokes was credited with officially describing fluorescence, noting the bright blue-white emission coming from fluorite after UV [...]

Microplate Handling Systems: Matching the Right Product to Your Needs

Microplate handling systems can include any or all of the following robotics: Microplate handlers Microplate stackers Barcode labelers Microplate washers Microplate readers And a host of other automated devices... Choosing the right components to handle your microplate needs requires an understanding of the components and careful consideration to ensure you [...]

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