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Integrating PlateCrane into Your Lab: Tips for Successful Implementation and Optimization

The PlateCrane EX™™ helps revolutionize laboratory automation by streamlining microplate handling—it is a handler optimized for the “SBS footprint,” including microplates, reservoirs, and disposable dip racks. Not only can the PlateCrane EX™ handle plates with hundreds of different instruments, it is easily integrable into any working lab and is designed [...]

What Does a Microplate Reader Measure and Other Microplate Q&A

Microplate readers measure changes in biochemical, cellular or physical properties in the wells of a plate. Microplate readers are designed for a standard 96 well plate, but there are some plate readers available for other plate sizes. As lab automation increases, adherence to a standard microplate size is critical so [...]

Uses and Benefits of a Fluorescence Microplate Reader

Fluorescence has been documented at various points in history. In fact, Pliny described rubbed jellyfish slime as a type of torch way back in 79 AD. However, it wasn’t until 1852 Sir George Stokes was credited with officially describing fluorescence, noting the bright blue-white emission coming from fluorite after UV [...]

How to Get the Most from Your Microplate Handling System

Microplate handling systems can benefit even the smallest of labs, making processes more efficient and requiring less manpower. However, it's important to know how to get the most output out of your microplate handling system, so that you can really optimize the speed and accuracy of the processes in the [...]

Top 5 Things to Look for in an Automated Microplate Washer

Microplate washers are often under appreciated in a lab because they do not directly produce results in an assay. However, they are an essential instrument for ensuring accurate ELISAs results, biochemical results, and other assays. Modern microplate washers come in a range of sizes and can easily be paired with [...]

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