Articles about Liquid Handling

Building the entry-level smart lab: liquid handling

Life science research is going high-throughput, and there is no turning back. Sequencing, cell culture, hybridization assays, and cell screening — to name a few — are all moving toward generating more data in less time, which requires automation. For smaller labs, the concept of automating routine tasks at the [...]

Your Guide to Add-ons for Liquid Handlers

Liquid handlers are powerful multitasking lab tools that enable precise and efficient handling of liquid samples. Integrating liquid handlers with add-ons can further enhance these powerhouse tools for an optimal workflow in your lab. Automating liquid handling increases throughput, minimizes human error, provides an audit trail and reduces waste.Read on [...]

Tools to Create The Perfect Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Scientists prepare samples, move liquids, wash microplates, and perform other tasks when completing research. An automated liquid handling platform includes devices to manage microplate movements from station to station via robotic arms, dispense reagents, transfer samples, condition using heating or chilling blocks, purify samples with magnetic beads, filter samples, and [...]

Easy Liquid Sample Handling: Useful Tools for The Lab

Precision and accuracy are imperative regarding liquid sample handling in the lab. Using useful tools along with the best instruments available can streamline the automated liquid handling process. There should be high standards of training for protocol and procedures in place with a concentration on safety in the lab. Read [...]

Best Types of Automated Liquid Handling Systems/Robots

More and more laboratories are adding more automation capabilities because of the many benefits of laboratory automation, including liquid handling processes. Human error is always a concern, even for the most highly trained technician. Also, results are faster with automatic liquid handling.Tasks performed by humans are always tedious and take [...]

Liquid Handling Devices You Need In Your Laboratory

Every laboratory needs an automated liquid handling machine and other devices. Liquid handling is an important part of any process, whether you’re running a full-scale multifunction workstation or are using simply one pipet. Liquid handling devices and machines have come a long way—the first system for liquid handling was presented [...]

An Overview of Current Liquid Handling Technology

Lab automation has skyrocketed since the first fully automated lab was established in the 1980s. Though most prominent in pharmaceutical and medical testing labs, automation has been consistently growing in other industrial and research laboratories, including in food science, agriculture, and environmental analytical labs.Liquid handling technology, in particular, has experienced [...]

Key Components of Efficient Automated Liquid Handling Workstations

Lab technicians measure, dispense, and mix liquids every day. Liquid handling is a key element of scientific research in various industries, from microbiology to food manufacturing to cosmetics. Common microplate sizes range from single -384 wells and beyone, which could take minutes to fill if done by hand. As a [...]

Uses Of An Automated Liquid Dispenser In The Laboratory

Components of a pH Meter In 1961, J.J. Rodriguez of Berkeley, California, introduced a patent for an "improved buret." He designed it to dispense liquids like a buret and said it will provide “a novel and improved buret capable of use in pipetting.” Fast-forward to today. An automated liquid handling/dispensing [...]

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