Single Cell Colony Picking: Tools & Challenges

Colony picking involves removing a sample from a healthy microbe colony after culturing a microbe sample on a plate. Single-cell colony picking means isolating a single microbe cell from a cultured colony. The growing fields of genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics rely on isolating and studying single cells. Learn more about the tools and methods behind [...]

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Picking Colonies After Transformation: A Concise Guide

Bacterial transformation can also be performed using electroporation, but this method is less common. It runs on the same principle as heat shock protocol, but electricity is used instead of heating the bacteria. Electroporation sometimes results in more transformed colonies, but not always.Once transformation has occurred, it’s time to pick colonies after transformation. Colony picking [...]

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Colony Picking As Part Of Cell Culture

Industrial Synthetic Biology: Synthetic Biology and Industrial Biotechnology Have you ever wondered how epidemiologists identify which bacteria are causing the latest food poisoning outbreak? When biologists need to identify or research a specific cellular organism, they grow that organism in the lab. Cell culturing is a technique for growing cells under aseptic conditions on a [...]

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Why Are Colonies Important in the Study Of Microbiology

Colonies give scientists information about a particular microbe that has replicated into a group sharing the same genes. Studying that group of microbes helps microbiologists identify the microbe. That’s why colonies are important in the study of microbiology: because microbes are so small, it can be hard to identify a single microbe. So, colonies give [...]

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Choosing the Right Automated Colony Picker

Processes That Integrate Pipetting Robots Colony picking is a vital process in biological labs as it's a step that many applications rely on. It's used in microbial screening to identify new bacterial strains with undiscovered behavior or structure and develop new products from drugs to commercial products. Colony picking is also used to separate and [...]

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Colony Picking Tools: 101

In various biological fields, colony picking is a necessary process that acts as a core step in producing biological matter extracted from bacteria or fungi or for identifying new types of beneficial or harmful organisms. Bacterial, yeast, and fungal colony picking can be done manually using human resources, but this is time-consuming and inefficient. This [...]

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Your Guide to a Bacterial Colony

A majority of life science research involves culturing and testing microbes, especially bacteria. In culturing these microbial samples, the lab often needs to pick a specific colony and duplicate it.So what is a bacterial colony, and why is it so vital in biological research? A bacterial colony is a mass of bacteria grown from a [...]

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What is a Colony Picking Robot?

Picking bacterial colonies is necessary in many life science labs, especially as part of synthetic biology and protein expression workflows. However, when done manually, this process can be time-consuming. This is where colony picking tools such as colony picking robots are needed. Colony picking robots are worthwhile investments for most labs; but first, what exactly [...]

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What is a Bacterial Colony?

Wondering what a bacterial colony is? By simple association, lots of people know that "colony" refers to a group, and "bacteria" refer to a type of microorganism. When you put those two things together, a bacterial colony should refer to a group of bacteria, right? Yes, but it is more than that. Bacterial Colony Definition [...]

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Your Colony Picking Protocol

Picking colonies—whether bacterial or fungal—from agar plates is a core step in culturing isolated, single-strain colonies for life science research.The process of selecting, picking, and inoculating these agar plate colonies is known as a colony picking protocol. Colony picking protocols can slightly vary across labs, but the basic steps are the same in general. Before [...]

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