Laboratory pH Meters with Automated pH Measurement

Benchtop pH meters for the Lab Get on the path to automate pH measurement process. The Rapid_pH family of laboratory pH meters use robotics to automatically measure pH in microplates, tubes and vials, reducing the time and tedium associated with manual pH measurement in the lab. These automated pH meter will increase your pH [...]


Automated Benchtop pH Meter – The Rapid_pH

Benchtop Automated pH Meter for High-Throughput pH Testing The Rapid_pH, an innovative robotic laboratory pH meter designed to streamline pH testing in microplates, tubes, and vials. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and tedious process of manual pH measurement in the lab. The Rapid_pH automates every step, from rinsing and drying the pH probe to [...]


Rapid_pH Automated Laboratory pH Meter with Temperature Compensation

Laboratory pH Meter with Temperature Compensation and Heating Nest For scientists interested in testing pH samples at different temperatures, Hudson Robotics has developed a heating nest for the Rapid_pH lab pH meter to heat pH samples to specific temperatures before pH readings are taken. The heating nest can heat pH samples up to 50C. [...]


Benchtop pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples

Rapid_pH pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples The Rapid_pH Meter for Viscous pH Samples includes all the functionality of the standard Rapid_pH Robotic pH Meter but is optimized for use with higher viscosity samples. To handle viscous samples, a Mettler Toledo probe designed for viscous pH samples is employed, and the pH probe wash [...]


Lab pH Meters for CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance

Rapid_pH benchtop pH meter with CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance The Rapid_pH laboratory Meter with CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance includes a Rapid_pH Robotic Benchtop pH Meter bundled with a Rapid_pH software compliance package. The CRF21 Part 11 Compliance Software package manages security functions required for pH measurement including calibration, data collection, management review [...]


Rapid_pH Automated pH Meters

Rapid_pH Automated pH Meter learn more Rapid_pH Automated pH Meter with temperature compensation learn more Rapid_pH Automated pH Meter for Environmental and Drinking Water learn more Hudson Robotics Rapid_pH Automated pH Meters offer automated benchtop pH testing in microplates, tubes and vials to reduce the time [...]


pH Testing

Request a Quote In the realm of drug formulation studies, pH plays a pivotal role in determining the efficacy and functionality of the developed formulation. Every step in the formulation journey, from inception to final product, requires meticulous pH documentation to ensure optimal performance. Application in Analytical Sciences: pH measurement serves [...]


Laboratory Automation & Robotics

Hudson Robotics offers a comprehensive range of laboratory automation and robotics solutions designed to streamline various processes in the life sciences industry. From pH meters for automated pH measurement to microplate handling instruments and automated liquid handling systems, our products are engineered to enhance efficiency and precision in laboratory workflows. Explore our innovative colony [...]


Laboratory Workcells

In this section, we list solutions we have developed to automate various processes in the biological, drug discovery and medical fields. We develop automated robots, laboratory equipment systems, and machines for streamlined automation of various lab processes and laboratory workcells. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us, we can almost certainly [...]


RapidPick SP Single Pin Colony Picker

Hudson’s RapidPick SP is a single-pin version of Hudson’s widely-acclaimed RapidPick MP multi-pin colony-picker and re-arrayer. Like the RapidPick Complete and RapidPick Lite, the RapidPick SP has all the features needed by users in today’s molecular biology environment. The RapidPick SP has been designed to meet the needs of labs that need automated colony-picking and accurate data-handling, [...]


RapidPick Complete Colony Picker

RapidPick Complete Colony Picker Product Sheet RapidPick Multi-Pin Features and Specifications RapidPick Single-Pin Features and Specifications RapidHit Videos Hudson’s RapidPick™  Colony Picking Systems are the only fully automated high-throughput colony picking workcells. They deliver performance and precision unparalleled in the Life Science industry for enhancing bacterial cultivation.  In addition to allowing researchers to [...]


CytoLoader for Flow Cytometry Platforms

INTRODUCING THE NEW CytoLoader for Flow Cytometry Platforms Automate your Flow Cytometry Workflow with Our Off-the-Shelf Solution Learn More About CytoLoader Calculate your real-world cost savings and throughput gains. Just provide the details below and we'll run the numbers.


CytoLoader for Flow Cytometry Platforms

INTRODUCING THE NEW CytoLoader for Flow Cytometery Platforms Automate your Flow Cytometry Workflow with Our Off-the-Shelf Solution See how much you'll save ask an automation expert We have simple but robust standardized configurations of the Hudson CytoLoader for the following instruments: GET THE BROCHURE Agilent NovoCyte [...]



Lab Automation for Scientific Applications Hudson Robotics specializes in lab automation. It may be as simple as integrating a robotic arm with a microplate reader for a high throughput screening protocol, or supplying an automated pipettor to save time and increase accuracy versus a manual pipetting process. Hudson’s lab automation scheduling software [...]


Products for COVID-19 Research

To address the COVID-19 epidemic we at Hudson Robotics, leaders in lab automation, have grouped some of our products together to highlight their benefits for COVID-19 research. All of our automation products come ready to use and are powered by our easy and intuitive Hudson SoftLinx™ Lab Automation Software. Hudson has you covered with [...]


VaryScreen™ I Multi-Assay Screening System

The Hudson VaryScreen I ELISA Protocol for VaryScreen AlphaScreen for VaryScreen I Luciferase Reporter Assay for VaryScreen I Introducing the Versatile Hudson VaryScreen I VaryScreen Flyer Finally, A Versatile Screening & Development System! Experience the new-found freedom and flexibility that the VaryScreen™ I brings to assay screening and development for [...]


RapidPick Harvester

RapidPick Harvester Colony Picker Product Sheet Hudson Robotics has developed a unique, automated colony picker for stem cell clusters, microbial and fungal samples in microplates or omnitrays. The RapidPick Harvester™ identifies and extracts sample plugs of stem cell clusters, microbial colonies, or fungal samples grown on agar or in semi-solid media.  This [...]


Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Request a Quote Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) stands as a fundamental technique for analyzing the size distribution of molecules and complex particles suspended in solution. By measuring the fluctuations in scattered light caused by Brownian motion, DLS provides valuable insights into the dynamic behavior of particles at the nanoscale. Key Applications [...]


DNA and RNA Normalization

Request a Quote SOLO for DNA Normalization DNA Normalization Hudson Robotics has developed a ready-to-use DNA Normalization and RNA Normalization platform that will make this tedious task easier than ever before. Utilizing the simplicity of Hudson’s SOLO Robotic Pipettor, and Hudson’s powerful SoftLinx Scheduling Software, users can perform [...]


Magnetic Bead Station

Streamlining Laboratory Processes with Automated Magnetic Separation The Hudson Magnetic Bead Station revolutionizes the automation of magnetic bead separation techniques. By precisely manipulating a potent permanent magnet's position, either raising or lowering it against a microplate's bottom (compatible with both standard and deepwell formats), this device introduces a new level of efficiency and accuracy [...]


DNA Extraction Workstation (DNA, RNA and Proteins)

DNA, RNA, and Protein Extraction and Purification Brochure Automated DNA Extraction, RNA Extraction or Protein Extraction Hudson Robotics designs automated DNA extraction and RNA systems around your throughput requirements. Our DNA extraction and RNA extraction workstations greatly simplify the process of isolating pure nucleic acids and/or proteins from a [...]

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