Solutions and Capabilities

Solutions and Capabilities2018-11-14T15:35:15-05:00

Here are some of the more recent integrations and solutions developed by Hudson.  

Check back frequently as we are developing this page with more information, more photos and video clips of our solutions in action.

Most of the systems listed have been installed at customer sites.  Contact us for detailed information on any of these systems or your own custom project.  There is no big or small projects.  Just complex solutions that we make easy.

RapidPick colony picking system with media dispener and incubator

       RapidPick Colony Picker with Incubator, CAD

Custom workcell multiple hoods,                     tracks and PlateCranes, CAD image

                        LabLinx for high throughput plate 
                        coating applications, CAD image

     LabLinx with 2 Liconic incubators and 6 reagent   
              dispensers, CAD image

                                                               PlateCrane supporting the  Cellavista


PlateCrane supporting 2 Luminex readers,  includes chilled stack


PlateCrane supporting 2 Kingfishers