qPCR Automation

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Automate your qPCR Thermal Cycler


Automating your qPCR Thermal
Cycler(s) has never been easier

  1. Configure your Automated qPCR Solution
  2. Submit your PO
  3. Clear a little bench space
  4. Your Automated qPCR workcell will be installed within 4 weeks

Best Value in qPCR Automation

  • 2 yr Warranty
  • Easiest Control Software
  • Most Robust Robot
  • Lifetime trade-in program
  • Scalable – Add another qPCR cycler and/or other instruments

PlateCrane with Roche LightCycler

PlateCrane with BioRad CFX-96

Supporting Technologies

DNA Extractions from Blood and Saliva

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Serial Dilutions

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Automating your qPCR System

Integration of your qPCR real-time system allows for significant walk-away time and continuous operation of your thermal cycler.

Customers want to feed their PCR plates to their PCR detection system as soon as the PCR plates are prepared. This could mean starting an automated PCR process with as little as 1 PCR plate and continuously add PCR plates as they become available.  Our integration software allows you to easily add PCR plates to an automated run without interruption.

Barcode driven protocols for real-time PCR detection systems are easy to setup. If several users want to run specific protocols for certain conditions related to the input samples. When this information is tied to the plate barcode, our system can easily allow them to control the real time PCR process.

Examples of Barcode Driven qPCR Protocols:

  • Real Time PCR Plates Barcoded with Suffix “A1” Run PCR protocol (1)
  • Real Time PCR Plates Barcoded with Suffix “A2”  Run PCR protocol (2)

Scalability has never been easier. Are you automating multiple real-time qPCR devices?  Hudson Robotics’ modular approach to automating qPCR easily accommodates two or more qPCR machines integrated with one PlateCrane, giving you unmatched value in your Automated Real-Time PCR process.


System access is hugely important for labs that have changing priorities. Some folks want to run qPCR samples manually, while others want to run several qPCR plates overnight. The Hudson approach to automated qPCR systems allows for both manual and fully automated operation of your qPCR system.

Advanced applications for the Roche LightCycler, ABI 7900 and Bio-Rad CFX systems are easily accommodated when integrating with Hudson Robotics.  A popular integration is to push qPCR data to your LIMS. For some clients it is important to feed qPCR output data to their LIMS for analysis and storage as it becomes available. Hudson’s SoftLinx allows for data transfer to meet any protocol. Worklist generation as qPCR samples of interest are identified, SoftLinx can work with your LIMS to drive down straem qPCR activities, such as hit picking of targets for further processing or preparation for additional analysis.

Choosing Hudson Robotics for your first automated qPCR process or integrating our solutions into your automated facility brings unmatched value and scalability.

Feeding qPCR plates to any of the three major qPCR Systems below, using Hudson’s PlateCrane robot arm, is a rapid installation that can be completed in 1 day or less.  Hudson offers proven performance for the following qPCR applications:

  • Automated Roche LightCycler Real-Time PCR System
  • Automated ABI 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System.
  • Automated Bio-Rad CFX Real-Time PCR Detection System