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USDA To Take Delivery Of Prolink Express Workcell

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USDA To Take Delivery Of Prolink Express Workcell SPRINGFIELD, NJ (December, 2006) – Hudson Control Group today announced that the USDA has accepted delivery of the ProLink Express™ Automated Workcell. USDA researchers have been working on developing a new yeast gene with the potential to increase the amount of fuel ethanol obtained from a bushel of corn by 10%. The ProLink Express is the first robot workcell of its kind that completely automates the multiple tasks required by USDA scientists to meet their objective of converting cellulose to ethanol and producing dramatically higher yields of fuel from the same quantities of corn. It includes a robotic colony-picker, automated incubator, reagent dispensers, plate sealers, and plate reader, serviced by Hudson’s PlateCrane EX® and LabLinx™ microplate -handling robots. The system is powered by Hudson Control Group’s opportunistic SoftLinx™ scheduling software, which finds the quickest, most efficient ways for processes to be preformed simultaneously. A user can run multiple batches in different stages of the process at the same time, or run any instrument individually even while operating another, fully automated run. The Softlinx software also optimizes equipment usage by enabling it to be used for different processes simultaneously. In addition, it enables easy integration of all the equipment within the Prolink Express workcell, including instruments from other manufacturers. About Hudson Control Group Located in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson Control Group is a leader in microplate automation, robotics and customized software-driven solutions. The company works with customers in the drug discovery, high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics markets to develop strategies that best meet their unique needs, whether for an integrated system of automated laboratory equipment or for automating a single instrument.