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Ahead of the Curve.

Reader Automation

Hudson Robotics equipment

Take that first step into automation:

 Automate Your Microplate Reader

using Hudson’s PlateCrane EX with  Softlinx™ Software

Quickly automate virtually any plate reader that you use with the
rugged, reliable PlateCrane EX robot arm.   Hudson’s easy-to-use
SoftLinx integration software gives you the power to bring automation
to your lab effortlessly.

Hudson has over 100 ready-to-go interfaces for all the most
common microplate-based lab instruments in use today:


• Load up to 450 microplates at a time

• Integrate seamlessly with barcode scanners

• Process reader data immediately

• Include other instruments in your workcell any time

• Run your assays unattended, 24/7

SoftLinx’ unmatched flexibility and simplicity allows other instruments
to easily integrate with your reader to scale up your automation to include
your entire assay, right from the start or anytime in the future!

Discover how easy and inexpensive it is to take the step into automating
your lab.  Let us show you how you can stay Ahead of the Curve with today’s
most advanced automation technology.

50 plates or 450 plates; lid handling; barcode integration;
1 instrument or complete assays:  Hudson’s PlateCrane and
SoftLinx Software help you accelerate your research.