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Rapid_pH Automatic pH Meter

Hudson Robotics equipment

Laboratory pH Meter and Probe

High-Throughput, Accurate Automated pH Measurement in Microplates and Tubes

The Rapid_pH™ pH meter reduces the time and tedium associated with manual pH testing.  Manual use of a pH meter typically requires endless rinsing, drying, immersing, waiting for stabilization and recording of the result.  The Rapid_pH pH reader makes your life so much easier by completely automating all of these steps at the press of a single click.

Your samples can be placed on the Rapid_pH meter in microplate format – up to 96 samples at a time, plates or tubes.

Not only is the pH of all of your samples measured quickly, but your accuracy and precision will be greatly improved.  The accompanying reader software makes it extremely simple to calibrate the Rapid_pH probe with standard buffers.  Once calibrated, the results of the pH probe have an accuracy of +/- 0.05 pH units and standard deviation of +/- 0.01. Hudson Robotics is using the Mettler Toledo InLab Micro pH probe which can be purchase directly from Hudson or from multiple labware distributors. The Mettler Toledo InLab Micro pH probe is  capable of measuring pH in volumes as small as 45 ul. Hudson Robotics recommends a minimum of 75 ul in half well microplates due to potential differences between microplates. 


The Rapid_pH enables pH testing of large
sets of samples as never before possible:
  • User friendly Rapid_pH software
  • Increase throughput of pH testing
  • Accurate to +-0.05 pH
  • Automated assures consistency of pH results
  • Measurement range from pH 0.0 to 14.0
  • Fast pH probe calibration
  • Manually add descriptions of pH samples 
  • Import well by well pH sample descriptions from .CSV files
  • Export pH Sample Data in multiple formats
  • Capture user name, date, time and other notes in pH result files
  • Export calibration log files instead of manually logging pH calibration information
  • Completely automated protocol, requires no user intervention during operation
  • Can be used as part of a larger automated system
The Rapid_pH comes with a very simple to use software program that it easy to calibrate a plate and then run your samples.  The calibration screen is shown below.  Simply select the type of plate you are using, enter the standards (any number of repetitions is supported), and press the play button:
pH samples are run from a similar screen.  The user can pick the plate format such as 24 well or 96 well plates, then selects the wells to be read or types in the name of the .CSV file containing which wells to read and the sample descriptions or uses the hand held microplate bar code scanner to import the data from the .CSV file.  A plate can be run in row or column order. 

The Rapid_pH pH meter comes with a laptop with the Rapid_pH software already installed.  Installation and setup using the user manual takes less than 20 minutes including removing it from the box. Free web based guided installation and training on how to use the Rapid_pH pH meter is available.

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