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OB-1 Robotic Lab Assistant

Hudson Robotics equipment

OB-1 Robotic Lab Assistant

ob1A collaborative effort between Hudson Robotics and Obotics, this workcell supports a wide variety of sample preparation functions, including SPE/SLE processing, hydrolysis and derivativization, with all of the requisite microplate and liquid handling features required to automate the entire process.

Click Here, or the “Literature” tab above, to see OB-1 in action.

For information about the OB-1, visit Obotics website

Accessories for OB-1 include:

  • vortex nest
  • incubation nest
  • combo vortex/heating nest
  • upgraded pipetting for On-the-fly volume-tracking of each pipet tip

…with more accessories coming!

Oligo Deprotection

Oligo Deprotection

Hudson offers two fully automated solution to deprotection of oligos.  The most efficient solution involves controlling the deprotection features of an automated oligo synthesizer.  Alternatively, we support various deprotection protocols with our liquid handling instruments.

Oligo Synthesis

Oligo Synthesis

Hudson has built a powerful new plugin for SoftLinx that allows the user to take maximum advantage of their oligo synthesizer, making it part of a larger automated gene assembly pipeline.  

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology

Hudson Robotics’ unique capabilities and product mix have enabled us to lead the entire world in the automation of the complete Synthetic Biology Pipeline:  from automated oligo synthesis and gene assembly through transformation, colony picking and plasmid preparation.

Combined with our previous work with protein expression and purification systems, Hudson now offers a solution to automating any process encountered in a typical molecular biology laboratory.  

Protein Expression & Purification

Protein Expression & Purification

Hudson offers a wide range of instrumentation to support the entire range of protocols commonly encountered when preparing peptides and proteins.  From liquid handlers to support PCR through vast, multi-component systems to support an entire research effort.

P/D ARM (Pipetting/Dispensing)

  • Holds factory calibration for > 50 million cycles
  • Self-priming
  • Dispense across entire 96 well plate: 15 seconds (@100ul/well)
  • 5 ul and up: <2% CV; 2-5ul: < 5% CV


  • Handles any SBS standard microplate
  • MTBF: 250,000 plate handling cycles
  • Works with lidded or unlidded plates
  • No training required. Ready to go to work right out of the box


  • Dispenses as little as 2 ul
  • Positive displacement for maximum accuracy
  • Adjustable in 10 nl increments
  • Self- calibration
  • Tip Touchoff for precise droplet control


  • Fully automated processing of plates or cartridges
  • Processing using positive pressure instead of vacuum
  • Automated ramp-up to avoid splattering
  • Automates SPE, SLE, filtration, DNA prep and more
  • Provides for heated flow when drying is required

OB-1 SPT (Sample Prep Technology) Software Package

  • Comes ready to run your initial method (tested at factory prior to shipment)
  • Pre-configured for SPE, SLE, Protein Crash, Dilute & Shoot and more
  • Opportunistic Scheduling: Eliminates dead time during sample prep process
  • Connectivity to >200 lab automation devices
  • Real-time display of all activities
  • Multi-level user access and permissions
  • Data audit trail
  • Supports parallel assays for higher throughput
  • 21CFR Part 11-compatible
This video shows OB-1 in action.


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