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SOLO Plus Pipettor and Dispenser

The SOLO Plus combines the best of our liquid handling robotic solutions into one powerful product.  It consists of the SOLO automatic single channel pipettor and the Micro10x multi-channel dispenser   The SOLO Plus is constructed so that the Micro10x has full access to one of the nests on the surface of the SOLO.  This allows the user to accurately transfer small quantities of individual compounds and then quickly add common reagents and solvents.

The SOLO Plus is perfect for carrying out serial dilutions.  The SOLO adds the required amount of sample to the first column of each row.  The Micro10x then adds solvent to the remaining columns and the SOLO then transfers a fixed amount of the mixture from column 1 to column2, mixes it, and then continues through the remaining columns.

Serial Dilutions

Serial Dilutions

A key step to quantify concentration-dependent affects.  A step-wise dilution of a sample through a series of pipette aspirations/dispenses.  Automating this process is essential to maximize the accuracy of the resulting data.

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