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RapidPick Lite Colony Picker

Hudson Robotics equipment

RapidPick Lite Colony Picker

RapidPick Lite Colony PickerThe RapidPick Lite has been designed to meet the needs of labs around the world that require an automated colony picking system that is:

  • Easy
  • Economical
  • Environmental and
  • can be Expanded if needed.

The RapidPick Lite is just as fast as our standard RapidPick Systems.  The system can pick up to 3000 colonies per hour.  If you don’t require high speed picking, check out our new segmented picking module available at no charge with all E Systems.


Optional Accessories

  • Media dispenser for fresh growth media in every plate.
  • Integrated gas-permeable seal applicator to insure freedom from contamination.
Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology

Hudson Robotics’ unique capabilities and product mix have enabled us to lead the entire world in the automation of the complete Synthetic Biology Pipeline:  from automated oligo synthesis and gene assembly through transformation, colony picking and plasmid preparation.

Combined with our previous work with protein expression and purification systems, Hudson now offers a solution to automating any process encountered in a typical molecular biology laboratory.  

Fungal, Yeast, Stem Cell, Bacterial Colony Picking

Fungal, Yeast, Stem Cell, Bacterial Colony Picking

Hudson has been a key player in the colony picking arena for many years.  We offer several versions of our RapidPick platform, including the recently introduced single-pin picker.  Easy-to-use, but sophisticated software interacts with the picker and the incorporated camera to identify and select appropriate colonies.

Protein Expression & Purification

Protein Expression & Purification

Hudson offers a wide range of instrumentation to support the entire range of protocols commonly encountered when preparing peptides and proteins.  From liquid handlers to support PCR through vast, multi-component systems to support an entire research effort.


  • Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to maintain, easy to grow as applications change
    • The software is easy to use and robust for colony picking
    • Re-arraying option for plate replication and cherry picking is included at no charge
      • Optional modules include: Halo picking, GFP picking, Colony counting, LED light panel in any color
    • All methods are ready to go and ready to use, no programming is required
    • Easily set maximum colonies to pick from segment or plate
    • Easily set controls wells anywhere in the destination plate, 1,2 or 3 wells or whole rows or columns.  Controls are 100% user defined
    • Lid removal and lid management is included at no charge.
    • Includes basic service kit for minor issues like pin replacements
    • 48 hour response time for field service in most areas around the world (*ask about your location)
    • Includes barcode scanners for source and destination plates at no charge and all data tracking.
    • Includes email notification of all errors, run completions and whatever information you need from the system
  • The RapidPick Lite is very economical with its new low price and low cost maintenance program.  We’ve included more than ever at a more affordable price.
  • The new enclosure provides a clean and safe work environment
    • Options include: free standing table, HEPA filtration, UV sterilization
  • The RapidPick Lite is everything you want today and nothing you don’t.  If you need to add something tomorrow, it’s no problem with the RapidPick.  The system can be expanded anytime to include automated  media dispensing, shaking incubation, plate sealing and/or greater plate capacity.
    • On-board capacity for picking over 1700 colonies per run into 96 DW blocks
      • Options include: expansion up to 10,000 colony capacity, on-board shaking incubation, Automated media dispensing, on-board plate sealing

RapidPick Multi-Pin Colony Picking Systems consist of the CP-7200 colony-picking instrument, the PlateCrane EX (except Basic model) with up to 10 stacks, and software development by Hudson Robotics to control the system.  The systems have the following specifications:

  • Software for colony picking, cherry picking, re-arraying and plate replication is standard.
  • Supports NUNC Omnitrays and Petri dishes as source plates for colony-picking.
  • Supports most SBS format shallow and deep well plates for the destination or in use with plate replication; 24 wells, 96, 384 and 1536 formats.
  • Comes standard with 2 barcode readers, 1 for the source plates and 1 for the destination plates.
  • Holds 1 source plate and 1 destination plate at a time, with option for 2 destination plates.
  • Has input capacity of 72 deep-well culture growth plates.
  • Includes barcode tracking of both colony and culture plate/well
  • Uses 20 tungsten pins on spring loaded linear slides attached to a rotating turret for picking.
  • Uses LED light box with the intensity of the lights controlled in software.
  • LED lights can be changed to different colors if desired.
  • Camera takes an image of the entire plate in a single image.  No image cropping or building is required.
  • User creates parameter files for identifying good colonies.  There is no limit to the number of parameter files that can be created.  Good colonies are determined by size, shape, contrast to background and closeness to other colonies. 
  • User can manually edit the plate to be picked if desired.  Colonies can be selected or deselected with the click of the mouse.
  • 4 pins are actuated at the same time, picking pin, inoculation pin, wash station, sterilization.  This action takes under 1 second.  After the pins are released, the rotor moves by 1 position.
  • Typical picking speed is 1 pick every 1-1.5 seconds; ~40 a minute, ~2400+ per hour.
  • Picking pin can pick through agar and hits bottom of plate with no damage to pin, linear slide or plate.
  • Inoculation pin can be set to “wiggle or dither” in destination well from 1-10 shakes.  This improves the inoculation efficiency to 98%+.
  • Wash station is a vacuum wash to remove loose debris on the pin.  After leaving wash station, pin travels through a brush to remove anything remaining.
  • Pins are sterilized with direct heat.  The pins enter a heater coil or furnace at 600F for under 1 second.  The tungsten pins heats through and all samples on the pins are destroyed.  Tungsten allows pin to cool before being used for picking. 

Optional Components

  • Media dispenser for fresh growth media in every plate.
  • Integrated gas-permeable seal applicator to insure freedom from contamination.
  • Available fully-integrated operation with products like Liconic’s STX 40 robotic incubator which provides complete automation of the entire culture outgrowth process.


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