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Hudson Robotics equipment

Recent Applications

Hudson Robotics has developed instruments, software and workcells to support a wide variety of the most heavily used live science applications. Each application is supported by a number of products, depending on the nature of your research, the size of your samples, and your required throughput.  We will be updating this section frequently to support the many needs of our users. If you don’t see your application listed, let us know. We may already have an appropriate solution. If not, we will work with you to develop a system that will meet all of your requirements.

Some of the applications at the top of the list represent pipelines containing several applications that are normally run in a specific series of steps.  We currently have two pipelines represented below, and will continue adding more in the near future.

  • Synthetic Biology – From oligonucleotide synthesis to plasmid preparation
  • Gene Assembly – The series of steps required to construct genes that are ready for transformation.  This sub-pipeline represents the first step of the Synthetic Biology Pipeline

Oligo Synthesis

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Hudson has built a powerful new plugin for SoftLinx that allows the user to take maximum advantage of their oligo synthesizer, making it part of a larger automated gene assembly pipeline.  

DNA and RNA Normalization

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Utilizing the simplicity of Hudson’s SOLO, and SoftLinx Software, users perform accurate DNA normalization of any plate of DNA samples.  Using the SOLO to perform all the solvent addition, mixing and sample transfer operations, the user selects a DNA quantification file, and starts the system.

Oligo Deprotection

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Hudson offers two fully automated solution to deprotection of oligos.  The most efficient solution involves controlling the deprotection features of an automated oligo synthesizer.  Alternatively, we support various deprotection protocols with our liquid handling instruments.

Oligo Pooling

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Hudson offers an automated solution for pooling of oligos.  Following the downloaded sequence instructions,  SoftLinx directs the system’s pipettor to pool the appropriate oligos to enable the final assembly process to achieve the full gene sequence desired.

Gene Construction

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The final step in the gene assembly sub-pipeline involves a combination of PCR cycles with pipetting of the appropriate reagents to create a completed gene construct.  

Serial Dilutions

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A key step to quantify concentration-dependent affects.  A step-wise dilution of a sample through a series of pipette aspirations/dispenses.  Automating this process is essential to maximize the accuracy of the resulting data.

Protein Expression & Purification

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Hudson offers a wide range of instrumentation to support the entire range of protocols commonly encountered when preparing peptides and proteins.  From liquid handlers to support PCR through vast, multi-component systems to support an entire research effort.