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Oligo Deprotection

Hudson Robotics equipment

Oligo Deprotection

Hudson offers two fully automated solution to deprotection of oligos.  The most efficient solution involves controlling the deprotection features of an automated oligo synthesizer.  

Alternatively, we support various deprotection protocols with our liquid handling instruments in a seamless, fully automated series of steps. 

In either approach, the following protocol is generally followed:  Rinse the synthesizer columns under vacuum, add the deprotection reagents, seal the collection plate (if necessary), perform the deprotection reaction and unseal the plate.  

Synthetic Biology Pipeline
synbio_detailsWe have automated solutions for each of the 
steps of the Gene Assembly Sub-Pipeline.
Gene Assembly Sub-Pipeline
OB-1 Robotic Lab Assistant

OB-1 Robotic Lab Assistant

A collaborative effort between Hudson Robotics and Obotics, this workcell supports a wide variety of sample preparation functions, including SPE/SLE processing, hydrolysis and derivativization, with all of the requisite microplate and liquid handling features required to automate the entire process.

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